The shield of Bruges and Espanyol, plagiarism, tribute or coincidence?

The shield of Bruges and Espanyol, plagiarism, tribute or coincidence?
Bruges shields and Espanyol before the amendment shield Belgian side on the occasion of their 125 anniversary (Record)

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Around the world there are many copying equipment shields and the colors of other big clubs. Sometimes to the club it is a tribute, with the intention to honor him, others simply plagiarized in the making even ends up in court occurs. But nevertheless, Today we will discuss the case of two clubs you could say that practically share shield by coincidence. Its about Club Brugge (known as witches in Spanish) and the RCD Espanyol.

Belgian and Spanish used since its foundation almost a similar shield but there is no evidence whatsoever that none of them chose to pay tribute to the other nor that there has been plagiarized, rather it is a chance.

The RCD Espanyol He had a pair of shields between 1901 Y 1912 adopted until now has been a slight change but remains almost unchanged. He was commissioned to design it Eduard Rollers in no case it was based on the Belgian club. Meanwhile, the witches It has almost used the same emblem since its founding in 1891.

As can be seen in the original shields, The only notable difference is the color of the bands occupying the center of the circle in both cases. In the Club Brugge the bands are blue and black, City colors, while in the RCD Espanyol We find blue and white. The rest, shape, color outer circle and crown, They are almost identical.


Recently, coinciding with the 125 anniversary of witches, the club decided to change something shield and perhaps leverage to differentiate themselves a bit more than the RCD Espanyol. red border color is removed and changed to white.

Bruges shield
New coat of Club Brugge on the occasion of 125 club anniversary with a white border instead of red (Club Brugge)

Caprices of fate both faced one of the most memorable matches (perhaps the most) in the history of parakeet set. Was a 20 April 1988 in the mythical and disappeared Sarria Stadium in the semifinals of the UEFA Cup.

In the first leg the Belgians were beaten by 2-0 and the parakeets were able to reverse getting a 3-0 (the last of them marked in overtime) He is classifying the blanquiazules for their first European final. You end up losing end in the penalty shootout against Bayer Leverkusen.

Historic match between Espanyol and Bruges
Espanyol and Bruges clashed in the semifinals of the historic UEFA Cup season 1987-1988 wherein the box parakeet reached the final (Halloffameperico)


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