“golazos” (1987), with comments by Joaquín Prat (full movie)

“golazos” (1987), with comments by Joaquín Prat (full movie)
Movie cover "golazos" with comments by Joaquín Prats (HOME)

Today one can find anything on the internet and that, sometimes, it's good. My first footballing memory was not a particular party but a film I saw over and over again in my early childhood. The cover of the VHS with the word “golazos” I have kept in my memory for many years.

That tape got my hands because my parents had at that time a video. The movie, produced by Virgin, on the 1987. At that time I had just 4 years and you you can imagine to do those moves and goals from Skin, Maradona, Cruyff, Beckenbauer O Bobby Charlton I did fall in love with this beautiful and noble sport called football.

In less than an hour and the comments of the great Joaquín Prat (rest in peace) we can enjoy historical parties which took place in world to that of Mexico 1986 in which Maradona stunned the world with performances that remain in our memories forever.

Of course, no room for the Mechanical orange Johan Cruyff that grazed glory 1974, England who raised his only world at home 1966, Brazil of the 70 of skin (considered by many the best team of all time) Y, naturally, Portuguese players like Eusebio, the Torpedo Gerd Muller, teacher Michael Laudrup and some others.

For anyone who wants to enjoy this film, as I did for years, I share this video that allows Youtube blessed us so handy today. I hope you enjoy it, of course, It is a real gem that is well worth.


3 thoughts on ““golazos” (1987), with comments by Joaquín Prat (full movie)

  1. Oh my God, thanks a lot… I've been looking for it for years, like you I saw this video ad nauseam, I left it to a friend… and he never gave it back to me… 🙁 and since then… searching and searching… THANKS A LOT

  2. “Tostao's goal from Rivelino's pass and Rivelino's goal from Tostao's pass”, “Eusebio laments”, “by the way you look!”, “broke through the defenses… as if they did not exist!”. 30 years later my brothers and I continue to release from time to time those phrases that marked our childhood and our love for football. One of them even ended up being a footballer! Surely those images on the retina and the echo of Joaquín Prats had something to do with it… GOALS!!

  3. Javier, thank you very much for posting this. Memories of a childhood in which there was no YouTube and during which I saw this movie I don't know how many times. The tape is still at my parents' house but we no longer have a VHS player, but even so every time I see her there I get a smile.

    Thanks again

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