Enrique Porta, not having to be 'Pichichi’ First Division and legend of the Granada CF

Enrique Porta, not having to be 'Pichichi’ First Division and legend of the Granada CF
Enrique Porta poses with T-Granada CF (Pinterest)

The story of Enrique Porta It is most curious and shows us that faith, perseverance and hard work often end up having their reward. The striker had to fight against all odds to make a dent in the Granada and become a legend of the Nazari set.

Door It formed in the lower levels of the Real Zaragoza in his native Aragon but it was in the Huesca where exploded scorer. In Barça He remained for four seasons being 1967-1968 the most prolific in which struck 34 goals in Third Division (then there was the Second B).

A Granada Enrique Porta SHEET

It was then that Real Zaragoza Y Granada They were interested in him but decided on the Andalusian offer because the whole hand had equipment “The magnificent” and he had very difficult to play.

But nevertheless, the move did not turn out any good to the principle because the French coach of the Granada, Marcel Domingo Algar, He did not count for anything Enrique Porta. In fact, in his first season he ranked only in 5 parties and having to work hard defensively, something that was not given either logically.

And if that was not enough, the following year came a new coach, the Argentinian Nestor Rossi, who told him that if he would have to play central defense, something that was not accepted by the player who was sent to the subsidiary.


It was in the season 1970-1971, Porta fourth in the rojiblanco, which produced his great explosion. With Joseíto coaching, the front caught on a memorable season and was able to score 20 goals which allowed him to become the first 'Pichichi’ Aragonese First Division also prominently. His time had come and left no escape. Thanks in part to their targets, the Granada achieved a sixth place and was just 2 points to qualify for European competition play.

That year the Granada earned the nickname “Natgigntes” as they defeated Barça, Real Madrid Y Athletic but also to other clubs at the time they were powerful in the category as the Athletic Club and the Sporting Gijon Quini.


The following campaign was again the top scorer of the team scoring 11 goals. Then came major deals Real Madrid Y Barcelona but the player wanted to continue in the ranks of the Granada. But nevertheless, performance dropped and two years later decided a change of scenery and return to his homeland to play two seasons in the Real Zaragoza before joining the terrace Second Division and hang up his boots.

For many years the name Enrique Porta was the top scorer in the First Division with the shirt of the Granada despite having played only 101 matches in the top flight, scoring 34 goals. Recently El-Arabi although it surpassed for the Spanish striker must say that not score any penalty goal while the French-Moroccan made 13 his 44 from eleven meters.

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