The greatest comebacks in the history of football

The greatest comebacks in the history of football
When we talk about football comebacks, the figure of Juanito comes to mind (Real Madrid)

The world of sport in general and football in particular is full of great comebacks. Gestas who passed into history by the fact that a particular team will turn around a marker that was most adverse to their interests. We review some of the most talked, spectacular and surprising.


For many it was the best of the history of the Cup of the King. A rest nobody gave a penny for the comeback of the club that was totally overcome by Atletico. the colchoneros, thanks to a hat-trick Milinko Pantic, they went to the intermediate with a favorable marker 0-3. The Catalans managed to tie the resumption but a new goal of the athletic star gave an advantage to the rojiblancos. Finally, as much of Ronaldo (I had already gotten 3) and the final of Juan Antonio Pizzi They gave the pass to Barca.


Again we have starring Barca, but this time was the one who suffered one of the most amazing comebacks in the history of the league. The Catalans clearly got ahead by 3-0 in his match against Valencia in the campaign 1997-1998. There was nothing to presage a reaction valencianista but Ranieri, with a Piojo Lopez lethal, They were able to win the match. A historic match, definitely.


One end of Champions League most unusual in recent memory. Italians went to the break with a 3-0 very clear thanks to goals from Shevchenko and Hernán Cresco (twice). The cup seemed to owner, but Liverpool Rafa Benitez He was able to tie the game and bring the extension and subsequently to criminal to take the title.

Champions comebacks
Liverpool players celebrate their historic comeback in the final of Champions 2005 (Getty Images)


It was such an epic comeback in number of goals as the previous ones but very surprising. We have to put ourselves in context. At the World 1954, Hungary It was the favorite to take the title. The team of Puskas, carter and company is one of the best ever and got ahead with two goals against a Germany, by then, It was much lower. The surprise was when the Germans, honoring his perseverance so characteristic thereafter, they managed to come back and be champions of the world.


The fact that a team will lose by one goal and get trace is not something extraordinary. In fact, It is quite common for each day of any league. But nevertheless, the Bayern-Manchester United held at the Camp Nou in the year 2000 should appear on this list. It disputed the end of the Champions League and the Germans played the title with the fingertips and maturing by 1-0 with time served. That was when the English, with two goals in just one minute, They turned it thanks to two set pieces. The images of the desolate German players on the floor with the party still unfinished they turned to the world.

Bayern Manchester
German players totally devastated after conceding two goals in the final of the Camp Nou (DeporPress)


If there is a comeback that deserves a special mention is that of this historic tie of the Recopa 1985-1986. Two German teams faced, yes, one of the Federal Germany and another of the East Germany. In the first leg, disputed in Dresden, the locals of the got a victory for 2-0 to confidently face the return.

And if that was not enough, in the second match the result reflected a clear 1-3 break. That is to say, the Bayer Uerdingen I needed to mark 5 goals in 45 minutes to turn the tie. To everyone's surprise, achievement 6 to leave the final marker in an incredible 7-3 that allowed him to go round.

the biggest comeback in history
The captains of Bayer Uerdingen and Dynamo of Dresden greet each other before the start of the second leg (I hate modern football)


We can not end without a special mention of the historical comebacks Real Madrid. Merengue became very popular in the years 70 Y 80 thanks to the great gestate who won European competition after achieving a very adverse score in the first leg.

The Derby County He fell in the Bernabeu 5-1 after winning 4-1 In England. The same fate befell the Celtic de Glasgow that lost 3-0 after a 2-0 achieved in Scotland. Meanwhile, the Anderlech, A few years later, getting a win 3-0 in Belgium but fell by 6-1 in Madrid. It was still more epic comeback against the madridista Borussia Monchengladbach. The Germans managed an incredible 5-1 at home but lost in the white fiefdom by 4-0 and they were eliminated.

At that time a player epitomized the spirit of the famous comebacks: Juan Gómez 'Juanito’. The eternal 7 Real Madrid, sadly deceased, remains the great reference of white fans when your team needs to appeal to the epic to flip a tie in those magical European nights.

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  1. Here is missing the comeback of Depor to AC MILAN in Champion
    The biggest in history, because he had been the champion and runner-up of the previous years
    and champion of the following year

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