Great players who had to withdraw because of injuries

Great players who had to withdraw because of injuries
Marco Van Basten is one of the great players who had to hang up his boots because of injuries. The picture shows the player in hospital after ankle surgery (Play Ground)

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Injuries are the great enemy of professional athletes in general and, Of course, Footballers. Throughout history there have been many players who have had to hang up his boots prematurely because of him. We review some of the most striking cases:


Just Fontaine
It literally left shoulder after his great performance in the World 1958. The French attacker was able to score 13 goals (record no one has surpassed yet) in World. But nevertheless, his career was cut short too early by breaking both legs. It abadonó football with only 28 years (AFP)


The White Pele
Nicknamed "White Pelé ', Tostao was one of the members of the legendary Brazilian national team of 1970. But nevertheless, a hit in one eye gave him a retinal detachment that forced him to give up football with only 26 year old (Digital freedom)


Top Scorer Italy
Top scorer of the Italian national team with 35 many in 42 matches. He broke his left leg just before the World 1966 and right before the World 1970. In 1976 He suffered another serious injury. After 2 years without recovering decided to hang up his boots. Cagliari legend who retired shirt with dorsal number 11 in his honor (


Uli Hoeneß
The German was part of historical Bayern and the German selection 70. But nevertheless, an injury in the final of European Cup 1975 he retired from football with only 27 years (Fitnespics)


Javier Clemente injury
Many may be surprised, after seeing his style as technical, but Javier Clemente was a very talented player who wore the '10’ Athletic Club. But nevertheless, his career ended after entry Marañón in a game against CE Sabadell 1969. At that time he had only 19 year old. After 5 operations and failed attempts to return, he decided to leave in 1974 (Playground)


Fernando Redondo injuries
One of the best midfielders in history football. Fernando Redondo triumphed in the CD Tenerife and Real Madrid before joining AC Milan. But nevertheless, the Rossoneri could barely play because of several knee injuries. He gave up his salary in Italy while he was injured (AC Milan)

Marco van Basten

Van Basten injuries
Marco Van Basten is one of best forwards story centers. But nevertheless, injuries ended his career too early. To the 29 years had surgery on his ankle. The thing did not work out and after two years fighting opted for withdrawal with 31 years. As he discussed in more than one occasion, pain in the area persists today (Pinterest)


Ronaldo injury
For many the best striker of all time. Ronaldo Nazario triumphed in all the teams that played but it is true that his multiple knee injuries detracted performance. In addition he suffered from hyperthyroidism (the Bocón)

Gabriel Batistuta

batistuta injury
Race 'Batigol’ was long and successful, but nevertheless, his ordeal came once removed. Pain fruit, he came to ask a doctor to cut both legs. Fortunately, his condition improved and did not have to reach such an extreme (sopitas)

Sebastian Deisler

The lesions
Sebastian Deisler's case is another example of players who had to quit football prematurely because of injuries. German was one of the great promises of European football. After 5 retired operations plunged into a deep depression with 27 years (Hanged for football)


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