When the EU Figueres brushed the ascent to First Division

When the EU Figueres brushed the ascent to First Division
EU training in that mythical season FIGUERES 1991-1992: Alejo, Toni, Gratacós, Tito vilanova, Duran and Comas; Márquez, Lobo Carrasco, valentine, Mugworts and Urbieta (Photo: Equiposdefutbol2.blogspot.com)

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We met the most nostalgic football in years 90 fondly remember the teams that at that time militated in First and Second Division. Today we remember one of them, which he was very close to achieving promotion to the top flight of Spanish football, the UE Figueres.

The Catalans was a classic of the silver category in years 80 Y 90. Not in vain, militated blanquiazules 7 consecutive seasons in this division, from the 1986-1987 to 1992-1993. Since then, He has not returned.

At that time, the UE Figueres He managed to put together a great team that gradually was taking hold in the upper middle part of the classification achieving seventh place on a couple of occasions in the late 80.


But nevertheless, it was in the season 1991-1992 when your hobby really dreamed to achieve ascent to First Division it would have been historic. In that campaign he achieved a more than creditable third place which gave access to a promotion playoff against the third last classified of First, the Cádiz CF.

The coach that year was Jorge D´Alessandro which featured a squad with players like goalkeeper Toni Jiménez, would later career in clubs like Espanyol one he Atletico Madrid Besides being international with the Spanish selection, as well as other mythical Alejo, Tito vilanova, Altimira O Márquez.

further, would star as reinforcement for the final stretch and ultimately a quality footballer Lobo Carrasco, which played 7 matches with blue and white shirt included two promotional set against gaditano.

Unfortunately for the interests of the UE Figueres, the Cádiz CF He won by 2-0 in the first leg played at the Ramón de Carranza and maintained the category thanks to 1-1 turn round in the Municipal Vilatenim.

And if that was not enough, The following season the equipment descended to Second Division B and it has failed to return to professional football since. From here, our memory for the best Figueres history.


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