Ivan Zamorano and 1+8

Ivan Zamorano and 1+8
Ronaldo and Zamorano, two good friends who shared dorsal. Photo: as.com

Ivan Zamorano, besides being one of the best strikers in the years 90, He had a curious story in the stage in the Inter de Milan. Chilean forward, I had come to neroazurro set in 1996 from the Real Madrid which he had swelled to score goals, I had to share a dressing room, no more no less, what with Ronaldo Nazario to reach the Italian side a year later.

The signing of Brazilian bombshell was the summer. After dialing 34 goals in the Spanish league, Inter he paid 4.000 million pesetas Barca and it took services O Phenomenon to share lead with Ivan Zamorano.

At the time, Chile was the owner of the jersey number 9. The first season they played together, Ronaldo I carry the 10 in the back. Pressure He is wearing sports brand to set neroazurro and sponsored the Brazilian was getting bigger as their franchise player wished he owned the 9.


The thing was difficult to solve because 'Bam-Bam’ He was not an ordinary player and had always worn that number in the different teams that had played. It was then that maximum Moratti, President of Inter, He had an idea that satisfied everyone. The maximum Inter president Ivan Zamorano offered the opportunity and play with 1+8 (I did not want to play with 18) and he agreed, possibly because he had already made friends with the phenomenon after a year scoring goals together.

Today we can see players 'strange' dorsal, but it is not permitted this sort of thing, so do not place you could bring this solution. Who knows if the 99 It would have to be the modern alternative to this problem. In any case, lucieran the dorsal lucieran, it is clear that both have been two of the best '9’ He has given football.

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