“The rocks of Real Sporting de Gijón”, Frichu book Yustas and Rebeca Diaz

“The rocks of Real Sporting de Gijón”, Frichu book Yustas and Rebeca Diaz
Peñas del Real Sporting Gijon, a book worth reading and have.

In FUTBOLRETRO.ES We are pleased to have a team of collaborators from a high level. One of them is Frichu Yustas, pro sportinguista, which delights us with stories and anecdotes of curious. Today we want to recommend one of his books “Peñas del Real Sporting Gijon (story of a hobby)” in which he and Rebeca Diaz, They bring us endless futboleras stories you will have a good time lovers of this sport.

Frichu Yustas He collaborated in several radio programs always dedicated to traditional music, passion he shares with sport, Also he published in year 2007 the book “Atlas Music”, along with other authors. Rebeca Diaz It is a common person known in the sportinguista peñista movement, having been part of different policies in different clubs and today part of the board of the Union Peñas Sportinguistas, UNIPES.

The book recounts, in 380 loaded pages of photographs, sportinguista history hobby since the club's foundation in 1905, emphasizing especially that concerning the peñista movement itself that is born with the foundation, in 1937, during the Civil War, of the Peña sportinguista La Laguna El Entrego. In it they appear anecdotes and stories often unknown to the general public, as was the importance of women in history sportinguista, in 1934 He had three female managers, unique in Spain, the first mobilizations fans, the first tributes to players, The initials “mareonas” in the years cinuenta and sixty or large movements of recent times. further, and history information is included, crag to crag, the vast majority of existing sportinguistas associations today.

“Peñas del Real Sporting Gijon (story of a hobby)” It is published by Sport and Life Y, exhausted the first edition, It is for sale a second, available in most bookstores Asturian price 20 euros. you can also place orders deporteyvida2017@gmail.com and will reach any point in Spain for the same price, 20 euros, and without charging any shipping charge.

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