The amazing reason why Fernando Redondo World Cup France '98 was lost

The amazing reason why Fernando Redondo World Cup France '98 was lost
Fernando Redondo had no luck when attending World (daily Notices)

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For a footballer bigger is to contest a World Cup representing his country. Fernando Redondo was present at one of them. But nevertheless, for some reason or other, There are several cases of great players who have failed to do so.

In case of Fernando Redondo It is quite surreal. In 1990, the player refused to participate in the world held in Italy because it was conducting his studies and did not want to interrupt them despite the great insistence Argentina coach, which at that time was Billiards. The combined albiceleste was runner-up to fall in the final against Germany.

Fortunately, football could enjoy Redondo, considered by experts as one of the best players in the world in his position, at World 1994 celebrated on U.S although the role of Argentina was pretty weak. Argentina combined got through as one of the best third in the group stage but was eliminated in the second round by 3-2 against Romania.


But the strangest arrived in editing France '98. Argentine midfielder had already enshrined in world football and lived one of the best moments of his career. But nevertheless, He had a series of disagreements with coach Passarella which they resulted in his resignation to participate in the World Cup.

Apparently, Technical forced all players to get a haircut, something that many accepted, as Batistuta, But not like that Redondo who refused. From there arose a number of discrepancies between the two. Football coach accused of refusing to play in a different position than usual, something that was denied by the '5’ roundly.

Argentina He had an exciting group stage with three wins in three games, scoring 7 goals for and conceding none. In eighth managed to qualify after eliminating England in the penalty shootout but it was in the quarterfinals when disappointment came again. Holland albiceleste he defeated by two goals to one, with many of Kluivert and of Bergkamp in the last minute of the game.

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