Rafael Biempica: “I do this for my sportinguismo”

Rafael Biempica: “I do this for my sportinguismo”
Rafael Biembica with the Real Sporting shirt (New Spain)

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Today, 21 March 2020, He has passed one of those iconic people from the world of football, a huge player, although small, and an extraordinary person. Rafael Biempica It was a footballer gijonés, one end of the old-fashioned.

It began in kicking a ball on the Planet Football Club team, a set of El Llano, which disputed its parties in the field of El Fronton- he had created, with a group of friends who love the sport of football, Manuel Echevarría, former president of the Bar Peña Arguelles of the Oriamendi, the old rival Real Sporting Gijon.

the Oriamendi, was the other professional football team that had the city of Gijon and shared category with Sporting in Second Division season 1939-40 and that, motivated by economic crisis, It went from 1944 to be rojiblanco subsidiary. Team of the district of El Llano happened to the Vulcan Ceares and later to the Atlantic, to anchor in the Sporting 14 years. Of the youth set-in which he coincided with that was president of the team gijonés Vega-Arango and with the current shareholder José Fernández– He went straight to the first team this season 1955-56 making the title the same year.

After nine seasons in the first team of Sporting, Rafael Biempica He was transferred to Real Oviedo in negotiations more complicated, the refusal of the player to leave (a few years before the end had said no to an offer from Atletico Madrid, and later the Sporting had used the lien to another important supply of another big Spanish football). But the economic situation had changed and Sporting was plunged into a deep crisis, Oviedo she offered 800.000 gijonés pesetas by the player and the dispute in a friendly match El Molinon.

So then president sportinguista, "Cuno" Felgueroso, practically she begged him to accept the player juicy offer. Rafa Biempica then he said that he did "by sportinguismo". He spent two years at Real Oviedo, earning the blue hobby since the day of his debut, in contested league match against Levante at the start of the season 1964-65. Closed cycle professional playing one season at Atletico Baleares, hence he returned to Asturias, to play in the Praviano.

But before signing for the club balear, He signed a contract- along with former Real Madrid Puskas Y Garcia-Ramos – for one year with the Toronto F.C. The Canadian team by those then disputed a professional league American. It was all a scam of a Mexican representative. Garcia-Ramos, Puskas and Biempica occurred in Barajas, with banknotes, their bags and prepared to take his footballing adventure American. The representative never showed up, staying with some advance money for more efforts and some menudencia, meals and accommodation in good hotels that never paid. Puskas and Biempica decided not to board, but Garcia-Ramos took the plane hoping there was some compelling reason why Mexico had not appeared and that would eventually cleared and play in the Canadian set. It did not happen. Of course the contract was false and Canada knew nothing about the Mexican faker.

Biempica was international B (sub 23) twice. He debuted with the national team the 3 April 1958 in Lisbon against Portugal and played a second meeting in Santiago Bernabeu against Italy. Both matches ended with goalless draw. Likewise, It was shortlisted for the dispute of the Chile World Cup '62 It is one of the two discards with coach Ruiz Sosa.

At Sporting It became an institution, juice 230 rojiblanco games and scored 60 goals. Your son Rubén Biempica, Physical Trainer in the sports institution gijonesa, He came to be in the first team during part of the season 2018-19.

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