Real Madrid-Cologne, Cup final UEFA 1985-1986

Real Madrid-Cologne, Cup final UEFA 1985-1986
The players of both teams onto the pitch. Camacho highlighted by the Real Madrid goalkeeper and Schumacher in the ranks of Colonia (friends)

The season 1985-1986 It was historic for the Spanish football. The three big clubs in the league (Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid) They were able to reach all European finals of the three major continental competitions. This article will discuss the end of the UEFA Cup 1985-1986.

First of all we must remember that this competition was different from the current Europa League. to get started, the system was to tie back and forth from the beginning and including the final itself. further, the teams had much level since the European Cup only the league champions played. paradoxically, most teams playing la actual Champions League (Champions League) They have not won the league title.


That end of the UEFA Cup 1985-1986 she played the Real Madrid and the Colonia German. In the first leg Real Madrid got an almost unbeatable results because they were imposed by a convincing 5-1. The Germans got the scare ahead on the scoreboard with a goal at the minute 28 of Allofs.

But nevertheless, all white He managed to turn the scoreboard before the break first with a goal Hugo Sanchez in the minute 37 and then another Gordillo at 41. Already in the second half Real Madrid extend the lead to 5-1 final with goals from Valdano twice and the legendary Carlos Alonso 'Santillana'.

Although the final seemed doomed with that 5-1 the second leg was tough for Real Madrid. The meeting was held at the Munich Olympic to a 20.000 viewers who did not come with excessive achieved hopes of an epic comeback. But nevertheless, the Germans were able to win 2-0 and at times the Real Madrid He struggled to keep his great advantage gained in the first leg in the Santiago Bernabeu.

One of the anecdotes of that meeting was the clothing with which the Real Madrid he played that game. The fact that the Colonia White played entirely made visitors had to leave the field with purple shirt and blue pants. A strange combination that still striking when we look at the images (although television was not appreciated as much as in photographs).

UEFA Cup 1985-1986
Agustin, Valdano and Maceda on an image of the second leg in Germany (Photo: FC Koln)

finally, Real Madrid proclaimed champion of that UEFA Cup 1985-1986 (He had already been champion last year). Unluckiest they had the other two Spanish teams. The FC Barcelona I defeated in the final of the European Cup Cup in Seville against Steaua Bucharest in the penalty shootout. Meanwhile, Atletico was clearly exceeded by the end of Recopa against the mighty Dynamo Kiev.

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