The Curse of the selection of Argentina in the Copa America

The Curse of the selection of Argentina in the Copa America
Messi regrets after losing the final of the Copa America 2016 against Chile on penalties (Photo: As)

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As we discussed in a recent article, the Copa America It is one of the oldest tournaments in football history. In her, the 10 selections that are part of the CONMEBOL faced with a number of invited countries complete the picture of participants to try to lift the championship title. Today we will focus on recent shares the selection of Argentina and the curse that haunts him in recent years.

The albiceleste always part as one of the favorites to lift the title as the football betting. But nevertheless, Argentina has failed to win the Copa America from editing 1993 where he defeated in the final Mexico by 2-1 with individual goals from Gabriel Omar Bastistuta. That team consisted of players as important as Goycoechea, Ruggeri, Simeone, Redondo and self Batistuta, all coached by Alfio Basile.

Since then the Argentines have accumulated failure after failure and have been several times they have been on the verge of a new title losing the final. In fact, the combined albiceleste is the most runners up in the history of the competition with 14. Most striking is that since his victory in 1993 He has played other 4 finals and has lost all (2004, 2007, 2015 Y 2016).

La selección argentina cae ante Brasil

It was especially painful defeat 2004 in which Argentina He was measured Brazil In Lima city (Peru). Argentines began the game well scoring a penalty goal by mediation Kily González in the minute 20. Brazilians would achieve a draw in the 45 of Part. It was the minute 87 when Cesar Fabian Delgado He could forward back to the albiceleste. This time it seemed that the slump would break but already in injury time a goal by Adriano forced overtime. Penalties gave the trophy to the canarinha.

In 2007 faces the same selections were in another final. The curious thing is that Argentina He was able to win 5 of the 6 games played (only he fell in the final) while Brazil won 4. But nevertheless, the match in the final game between the two teams Brazilians won a resounding victory 3 goals 0.

La maldición de los penaltis

The Curse of the selection of Argentina He continued elongating two new defeats in the late 2015 Y 2016. Not even the presence of Lionel Messi, the best player in the world, He managed to change the downswing. In the first one again the lottery of penalty favored host Chile after the match ended with goalless draw. Random Hearts, a year later the story was repeated with the special edition to commemorate the centenary of the first Copa America of 1916. Chileans and Argentineans again reached the final and again in penalties He favored The Red.

One of the objectives of Messi to get a degree with the selection of Argentina. In the next edition of Brazil 2019 You will have a new opportunity. In this Compare bookmakers you will be able to find the best websites offering bets on the Copa America and the possibilities of albiceleste, part as a favorite behind the host, to take her. We'll see if the best player in the world is able to end this curse that haunts his country since 1993.

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