Jorge Otero: “Playing a World Cup is an indescribable feeling”

Jorge Otero: “Playing a World Cup is an indescribable feeling”
Jorge Otero in the World 1994 (Atlantic Journal)

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It was one of the members of that team that made us dream in the mythical World 1994 held in United States. Jorge Otero (born 28 of January of 1969 Nigrán, Pontevedra) Answer the call of FUTBOLRETRO.ES to review his career.

First debut with only 18 years, I imagine an experience.

You are right, you can imagine. For a kid from the quarry to the preseason first team Celta, it was the team of my life, and it was all an illusion. At that time few people came and it was a challenge. Some said I would not do me much hope, I always did the same, we were going 3 O 4 quarry but then nothing. But I worked and I was lucky to stay. In fact, that first season and I played almost every game owner.

I guess very grateful to Maguregui, the coach who gave that great opportunity.

Of course. He is the one who trusted me and I will be eternally grateful. further, as I say, at that time it was quite difficult to make the leap to the first team. I was carrying all life in the lower echelons of Celta, from fingerlings, and it was a great happiness.

curiously, his debut comes at Sarrià against Espanyol whose coach Javier Clemente was, later, It took the World 1994 and Euro 1996. What was a technical and personal treatment?

Well look, the truth is that it has little to do with Javier Clemente seen in the media. An honest guy and tells you things to your face. That's something that the player is always grateful even when you say you do not count. He had very clear ideas, regardless of whether you agree with his proposed game. I am also very grateful to him, obviously.

I never played a Champions but I think being in a World Cup is the biggest thing for a footballer”

After 7 seasons at Celta de Vigo, get the call to go to the World. What are your memories of that?

Well imagine. One is never quite prepared for such a thing. As much as we talked about who was among the candidates to be called, when they call you and tell you it's an amazing feeling. Playing in the selection and even go to a World Cup is complicated. call 22 O 23 and more than 400 O 500 selectable players. I never played a Champions but I think being in a World Cup is the most, an indescribable feeling.

For many, among whom I include myself, was the best World Cup or, at least, the most spectacular stadiums filled with those selections riddled with stars.

Yes. Note that there was talk that there was some fear that the stadiums will not be filled and it was quite the opposite. We had a great team and especially were a group of friends went out together in our spare time. We could have done something very big in that tournament but the curse of rooms… close July (Salinas), Tassotti's elbow to Luis Enrique… and again to home.

Since starting this World until the end, each party had spent more 'knobs’ in the Spanish selection. Who came up?

Well look, if I tell the truth I do not remember exactly. Camarasa or say it was Nadal and from there gradually were adding Caminero, ALKORTA, Goikoetxea, Salinas… to me it is that I did not go out (laughs).

In the summer you get the chance to sign for Valencia that had one of those 'peculiar' presidents, Paco Roig.

(laughs) The truth is that Paco was 'I echao palante'. Valencia wanted to champion to compete with larger. The truth is that we were close to the title but was the year of Atletico doublet.

Valencia Luis Aragones matches on the bench. A technician also very important in his career.

Yes. A spectacular person. I think it was the great architect of the success of Spanish football. He was able to change the chip and Spain left behind the loser mentality, as he said: win, win and win. After Valencia also called me to go with him to Betis and when I finished my contract there again take Atletico. Another who had very clear ideas and was in front with his players to those who defended death.

Romario is the best player I saw in the area”

Luis Aragones and Romario had her strong in Valencia.

Were two people with a lot of character and clashed. Luis we were all equal and had to play to earn, no matter how you call her. Romario is the best player I've seen in the area (although that surprised me was Ronaldo Nazario). But it certainly was not the kind of player who works for the team. Anyway, As much as you say, It was not a 'party animal'. Out like any other but drank and cared very much.

In addition to Paco Roig, Jorge Otero had 'Bosses’ Lopera and Jesus Gil, almost nothing.

(laughs) Betis, Lopera was king. a chair can not move without him knowing but personally I had no problem. The problem is that Jesus Gil said the first thing that went through his head, regardless of whether or not that harmed the locker room and that's complicated to take. In the end, as you say, are the bosses and one has to accept its ways or leave.

It came to doubt whether a club like Atletico should hold a promotion”

I imagine that playing at Atletico Madrid in the Second Division had implied a burden and a significant pressure.

Of course. All teams played against us at 100% and that complicates things a lot. further, the previous year was not achieved and when I got up the obligation was bigger still. Luckily we got the rise 3 O 4 days before finishing the league. Note that came to doubt whether a team like Atletico had to celebrate a promotion. We had a great team but above all one of the keys was the fans who filled the Calderon each day and traveling at all stages. It helped a lot.

At that time a certain Fernando Torres debuts with 17 years…

Right. Yes there was a child (jokes). he already saw she had something special and that would be determinant. he had everything, quality, speed, regattas, auction… In addition it was and is a person of 10. I had never thought much when beginning and now we still have a great relationship. A very close and humble guy who deserves everything that has happened and all the successes it has achieved.

Finally, you hang the boots in Elche and starts his time on the bench. Is it better to be a football player or coach?

If I could return to be a footballer I would not think twice (laughs). The truth is that a coach spends all his time thinking about football. In preparing workouts, study the opponent… When you're a player you are going to train and when you finish you go home and you're done. There's a lot more pressure when you're coach, definitely.

The ones who have been elite players have it easier to train?

It is undeniable that such letter itself. When one player has been first it will open the door more easily but then you have to earn it and do not guarantee anything. At the end the coach depends solely on the results but it is true that if you've been a footballer advantage as you also know what you think the player that has been in place before and can help you handle certain situations.

Thank you very much for your time Mr. Jorge Otero.

You are welcome, thank you very much to you and congratulations on your page and for the work you do.



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