Retro football legends who played in United States

Retro football legends who played in United States
Skin, one of the historical players who went through the NASL (AS USA)

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It is more than usual for large Soccer legends looking for a golden retirement in his last years as a professional. U.S, Japan and more recently China, Qatar and the UAE are the favorite destinations. In this article we collect some of the most striking cases.


Genius and figure, You need no introduction. It was one of those who emigrated to the United States to play on multiple computers. first Los Angeles Aztecs in 1976, later in the Fort Lauderdale Strikers in 1978 and finally in San José Earthquakes in 1980.

George Best Aztecs
George Best junto a Elton John, Los Angeles Aztecs owner (Scoopnest)


The best footballer of all time, for many, He also had an affair in the American League at the hands of the New York Cosmos. There he spent three years (1975, 1976 Y 1977) where he met stars of the moment as Franz Beckenbauer O Gigi Chinaglia.

The German was one of the most prolific in the American League. He stayed there for four seasons as one of the best in the championship.

New York Cosmos
Beckenbauer, Pele and Chinaglia at the legendary New York Cosmos (The Journal)


One of the best strikers in history. The German, Bayern legend and selection, He also had his golden retirement in the United States, this time in the ranks of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. Of course, He followed by goals.

Gerd Muller USA


for Pele, the best defense he faced the. English, world champion 1966, I had time to give their last legs in San Antonio Thunder Y Seattle Sounders the late 70.

Bobby Moore United States
Neil Martin and Bobby Moore in San Antonio Thunder (Media Store House)


Johan Cruyff's case was more atypical. After playing in the United States in the Washington Diplomats and in Los Angeles Aztecs, still he had time to win 3 Suspenders (two Ajax and one with Feyernoord) besides having a mini adventure in Second Division Levante UD.

Cruyff United States
Johan Cruyff in a game with the Washington Diplomats (


The Benfica legend and selection Portuguese, He played in Mexico, Canada and U.S before hanging up his boots. The Panther shirts dressed as Boston Minutemen and Las Vegas Quicksilvers among others.

Eusebio NASL
Eusebio, one of the best strikers of all time (NASL jerseys)


One of the best central defenders in history. Chile also triumphed abroad in Pinerolo (Uruguay) and the Internacional de Porto Alegre (Brazil). His American adventure only lasted a year (1980) in which he played in Fort Lauderdale Strikers.

Elias Figueroa United States
Elias Figueroa in rows Strikers (

Johan Neeskens

Of the historic Clockwork Orange, Neeskens played for New York Cosmos (with whom he won 2 leagues 1980 Y 1982) and the Kansas City.

Neeskens Cosmos
Neeskens with its characteristic number 13 in the New York Cosmos (

Teofilo Cubillas

Surely, the best Peruvian footballer in history. Teofilo Cubillas It is another football legend who had a good run in American football. Until 5 defended seasons T-Shirt FL Strikers scoring a number of goals and with great performance.

Teofilo Cubillas
Peru's Teofilo Cubillas, one of the best players of his era (Tactical soccer)


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