When Granada was a finalist in Copa

When Granada was a finalist in Copa
The classification for the Copa del Granada final was on the front page of the main sports newspapers (Brand)

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In 1982 the film was released 'Everything is possible in Granada’ directed by Rafael Romero Marchent with Manolo Escobar and Tessa Hood as protagonists. The title of the tape can not come to us better to tell the following story, which occurred a few years earlier.

In football there are many ways to touch the glory, always related and directly proportional to the greatness and humility of each club. In some cases it bumble, in other barely skims. Anyway, that game is always saved with golden letters in the history of a club and in memory of his fans.

Many do not know what was the game in which the Granada CF could inhale the essence of glory. Some might think that it would be in a promotion to the top flight or some glorious match the seventies Granada, the best team defended striped shirt. But no ... we must go back further in time to find that Granada champion, or rather, how could it be otherwise for a humble club, runner-up.

We traveled to the season 58/59, Interestingly a league in which the Granada He prowled with the decline, He was eventually put promotion, a tie that was pending was playing once alighted from the competition K.O. (were other times when the Cup it was not the King It belonged to the Generalissimo- and he played once had concluded league competition). No one was right even to imagine that tie fatal against Sabadell would play after two months, They discoursed by eight weeks, surely, They have been the most glorious of the Granada CF.

Kalmar and succeeded in Granada 56 days of collective happiness a difficult feat to match and much more, to overcome ".

José Luis Entrala and José Luis Ramos. History of Granada C.F.

The Copa del Generalissimo Granada ripped for the 26 of April, surely head start promotion party, what today would "throw the cup". However he achieved one of the biggest thrashings in the decades to suit him Elche eight goals in the first leg. The next round, the 1/8 final, it matched with Cádiz, team which beat widely (6-0 Y 4-3). The quarterfinals he crossed the madridista branch, then called Plus Ultra and it came to eliminate Deportivo Coruna and Real Sociedad, It is demonstrating its great potential, although Grenadians be imposed for a clear 7-2 Global to dream the semifinals where they had a great Valencia who had finished fourth in the league competition.

The grand finale

In the first leg, a seasoned Granada He managed to win by the minimum. Same result occurred on lap, though full of controversy to the annulled a goal to the Granada. In times where there were no extra time or penalties, it came down to a third party in neutral field. An extra match played in the Bernabéu Nazari where the team went over the che, 3 a 1 and ... the cup final!

Everything is possible in Granada

Finalísima expected in Barcelona, new champion league. With fashion coach Helenio Herrera, FC Barcelona was a whole group of stars: Ramallets, Segarra, Villaverde, carter, Eulogio Martínez, Luis Suarez, etc. In front a Granada whose best weapon was the illusion, something that proved insufficient against Barca roll for ten minutes of play and prevailed by two goals. As historically it has always shown, the club of the "Eternal Struggle" Undeterred, he got the score and inconvenience to the Barcelona, even claiming two penalties not marked, but the Catalan set up imposing its class and sign two goals more in the final twenty minutes. A clear 4-1 He gave the cup to the fourteenth FC Barcelona and he wakes up at the Granada of the most beautiful dream that ever lived.

Jose Quesada

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