Mario Kempes and his damn mustache

Mario Kempes and his damn mustache
Kempes looking mustache in the World 1978 (The Deportea Team)

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When one thinks of the World 1978 held in Argentina, there is a name that comes to mind immediately: Mario Kempes.

Cordoba was the star player of the tournament. Not in vain, he led the Albiceleste team that the world champion was crowned for the first time. The player, which was then active in the rows of the Valencia Football Club, was the top scorer of that world Cup. But nevertheless, Things did not start anything right for him.

Mario Kempes He came as only player playing outside Argentina, It has been endorsed by Pichichi of the Spanish championship two consecutive seasons: 1976-1977 Y 1977-1978. All the weight and responsibility fell on his shoulders.

But nevertheless, as we say, the first three games were very frustrating for the Argentine striker was not able to score any goal. Kempes He sported a mustache in those early meetings. according to account Luciano Wernicke in his book “unusual stories of the Argentina Selection”, the coach himself, César Luis Menotti, in view of the concern about the lack of marksmanship of its biggest star, Told him: “Mario, Why is not it shaves, to see if luck changes?”

Said and done. He jumped footballer to play next game fully shaved. Argentina Poland beat 2 a 0 a doublet Kempes. From there, no goals stopped coming and the Argentine finished the championship as top scorer with 6 targets, including two in the final against Holland El Monumental.

Luque Kempes and celebrate one of the goals in the final 1978 (

Thus, Argentines could celebrate his first world championship. This year 1978, They registered 3455 Children who were called Mario Alberto. Who knows what would have happened if Kempes not shaved that damn mustache.


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