Juanjo García, the man who led the Castilla to play in Europe

Juanjo García, the man who led the Castilla to play in Europe
Image of that Real Madrid-Castilla from the Copa del Rey final in 1980. PHOTO: Brand

There are coaches who fall into oblivion despite having done something wonderful, as in the case of Juanjo García, the man who led the Castilla to play in Europe after take a historic Cup final at the time when the subsidiaries, They could play the tournament KO. And much of the credit for this success was modest coach who had come almost by accident.

we find ourselves, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, 22 May a distant and 1980. The Castile just deleted the Sporting de Quini after winning 4-1 in overtime and having traced one 2-0. The madridista branch thus qualified for the final of the Copa del Rey precisely that year would be held in the white stage and an unusual event, against his first team. That first and only Real Madrid-Castilla in Cup final 1980.

Real Madrid Castilla reached the final after eliminating 4 First equipment

That wonderful team, preceding that of Fifth Vulture, the playing players like Agustin, Pérez García, Castañeda, Pineda, Gallego or Ochotorena, Alcorcon eliminated and Extremadura which at that time were in Third, after, al Racing de Santander I was on to finish second and exceptional competition, a 4 First teams over two legs.

Hercules, Athletic, Real Sociedad and Sporting They were the victims of directing a young team Juanjo García which at that time he had only 35 year old. The Castile, getting out alive and go rounds emblematic stadiums like Old San Mames, the missing Atocha and El Molinon. Almost nothing.

A) Yes, after completing 7 rounds, the Real Madrid Castilla I would play the final of the Copa del Rey against their first team and the stadium Santiago Bernabeu. All stayed home, Whoever won and then, Juanjo García He had already become the fashion coach that season.

Juanjo Garcia died at 41 year old
Juanjo García, the coach who made history with Castilla. PHOTO: As

Juanjo Garcia Castilla played in Europe

As it was logical at that end of 1980, the first team comfortably won its subsidiary (6-1) and he rose with Copa del Rey that year. But nevertheless, as he had also won the League, was the Castile who disputed the Cup Winners Cup, award at that time Cup champion got. From Second Division and being a subsidiary, the new generation was to play in Europe this season 1980-81.

The walk lasted one round Europe. The draw paired subsidiary that white, no longer had the most players who had reached the Cup final in their ranks, to play with West Ham. In the first leg, Cubs won by Real Madrid 3-1 but they lost in London 5-1 thus being eliminated. But the team Juanjo García He had already made history again.

That campaign was not nearly as above. The Castile He came close to going down to Third and end of season, Juanjo García It was stopped. After, He continued his career as coach of the Vallecano Ray, Tenerife and Cultural Leonesa until very young, with only 41 years, He died of a heart attack.

His son Abraham by the way, He followed in his footsteps on the bench and has led in the lower categories of Real Madrid, Athletic, He took a step Toledo and even Chinese football and has directed the Gimnastica Segoviana. Like father, like son.

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