Javier Zanetti's goal against England that saved a life

Javier Zanetti's goal against England that saved a life
Javier Zanetti at the time of the goal against England (Clarion)

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If you listen England-Argentina, and World, What it comes to your head? ¿Maradona?, for another story, but very different, He had as protagonists Javier Zanetti and the person who saved his life.

Year 1998, World Cup year, this time in France, In the second round jumped to field the two combined. Fans watched with intrigue jump into the field to Campbell, Neville, Scholes, Beckham, Owen, Shearer… They are facing the Argentinians led by Ayala, Simeone, Veron, Crespo, Batistuta Y… Javier Zanetti.

Undoubtedly the stage was exciting, and watching the duel progressed. Six minutes, David Seaman It caused a penalty that cost him the yellow and, a few seconds later, red for some cross words with referee. Batistuta He was commissioned to exploit the situation and the party railroaded, but the joy lasted very little. Three minutes later Argentina made another penalty, which cost the tie one, for only six minutes later and one less, Owen You take charge of turning around the marker.

That is to say, in just 17 minutes, one red and three goals, including a comeback to the team at a disadvantage, with such a panorama and with the players on the field of play, anything could happen.

As well, a 1710 kilometres of the place where that historic match took, is the Polish city of Zsdlowiec, where person was quietly at home, in front of his television watching the World Cup start frenetic encounter.

Narek Kopaczen, by then prosecutor, He was a man of habit. As he explained in a later interview, I get used to walk your dog at 22:00 and then he led the police car used to the parking lot of the police station near his residence.

That 30 June 1998, Narek was willing to do his ritual when, suddenly, Javier Zanetti He hits a left-footed shot to the edge of the break to tie the game two.

Seeing the meeting situation Narek He decided to wait for the end to not miss a second of thrilling duel. A few minutes later, he heard a bang on the door of his house, to going out to see what was happening he observed the situation, a pump with programmed timer for the time of delivery of the car had exploded, They had tried to assassinate him.

That is how football, a sport that generates passion, tears of joy for Argentina at that time and sadness for English, stories also leaves a Polish gentleman who eternally grateful that shot Javier Zanetti what, without knowing it, He saved his life.

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