Big stars who did not win any major title with its selection

Big stars who did not win any major title with its selection
Raúl is one of those who tops this list of stars who 'failed' with his team (Brand)

The great players tend to accumulate many titles and honors throughout his career both collectively and individually. We have selected for this list are not an exception, but nevertheless, They failed to succeed or, rather, They were not able to lift no title important with their national teams. Of course, to develop this list, players have chosen candidates to the championship teams in both Eurocopas, world O Copa America.


Johan Cruyff Netherlands
Clockwork Orange Johan Cruyff stood at the gates of the World championship 1974 and subsequently, without him, in 1978 (Ré

As a representative of Holland we place Johan Cruyff but the Dutch list that might appear in this list is very long. excepting the European Championship 1988, the selection orange He has not achieved any title. Finalists in the World Cup 1974, 1978 Y 2010 but unrewarded.


Zico Brazil
Zico, the heir to Pele in Brazil (Pinterest)

Zico It is one of the best players in Brazilian history. It was the crack of ‘canarinha’ since its debut back in 1976. He was present in 3 world (1978, 1982 Y 1986) and a Copa America (1979). While many remember the Brazil of 1982 por su 'beautiful game', It did not help to lift any official trophy.


no title
Roberto Baggio after missing the penalty that gave the title to Brazil 1994 (I am calcium)

Considered one of the best Italian players of all time, Roberto Baggio It was close to some major championships but stayed at the gates. The 10’ Italy was the charge to throw the decisive penalty in the final of the World Cup 1994 held in United States. Their failure meant the title for Brazilians. He was present in 3 world (1990, 1994 Y 1998). In fact, Italian is the only player able to score in 3 world.

Raul Gonzalez (SPAIN)

no title
Raul missed penalty at Euro 2000 'I send’ home to Spain (Brand)

Another great player who failed to lift any title with your selection. Raul was the '7’ in Spain for many years making lots of goals. But nevertheless, coincidence or not, Coinciding with no call by Luis Aragones came the best time 'The Red’ who won two European Championships and a World Cup in a row (2008-2010 Y 2012).

Raul participated in two European Championships and two World title without achieving any. In fact, equal to succeed him to Roberto Baggio, It was the protagonist of an error that was sent to Spain thanks to an ill-fated penalty against France in the European Championship of the year 2000.


Messi Copa America
The Curse of Argentina Messi still in force (Digital caraota)

We left for the end one of the most significant cases. Leo Messi is, for many, the best footballer in history. But nevertheless, Others argue just the opposite by the fact that it has not achieved any title with Argentina. And the truth is that it has not been for lack of opportunities as 'The flea’ He has played 4 editions of the Copa America and 3 World no luck so far. Is the only one in the list is still active so this list could leave soon.

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