Euro '88: Van Basten marks one of the best goals in history

Euro '88: Van Basten marks one of the best goals in history
Marco Van Basten achieved one of the best goals ever in the final of the Euro 88 (Photo:

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Go ahead I'm not objective when choosing which, for me, is one of the best goals in the history of the European Championships. It is true that I feel special devotion to, In my opinion, It is the best striker I've ever seen play. But nevertheless, I think most football fans will agree that the goal scored by Marco Van Basten and 1988 deserves this award.

further, the goal in question is not scored in any one game. Was the 25 June 1988 Olymipastadion in Munich and he labeled at the end which pitted Holland against Soviet Union.

OF BASTEN, moneybags, Gullit…

The Dutch side formed with players who scored a time selection as Van Basten, Gullit, Rijkaard o Ronald Koeman. The first three coincide in Milan soon after and They form one of the best teams in history directed by Arrigo Sacchi.

But back to the goal in question. Holland and won 1-0 that end with a goal scored by Gullit head the minute 32 party. But still he had to get the artwork of Marco. In the minute 54, one rained from the left wing center past came out pretty Van Basten that angle, He grabbed a stunning volley that drew a parabola impossible seeped into the Soviet goal.

Everyone threw their hands to the head. We were facing a historic goal that, even today, remains one of the best of all time. The 2-0 It was the final result although the Soviets missed a penalty that would have given some excitement to the end of the match.

SUCCESSORS 'Clockwork Orange’

That team marked an era and was a worthy successor 'Clockwork Orange’ led by Johan Cruyff years earlier. They tulips only lost one game in the group stage, precisely against Soviet Union.

Van Basten top scorer of the tournament was proclaimed 5 many far ahead of other rivals since German Full of and Soviet Protasov only they scored 2 each. Some never forget that final and, Of course, that goal for history.


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