Big stars who never won the Copa America

Big stars who never won the Copa America
Maradona and Zico, two legends of football never won the Copa America (

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Is the oldest competition at the level of nations there. Throughout history there have been many great players who have played and won the. But nevertheless, Today we will focus on the big stars who never won the Copa America. I am sure you will be surprised as it is legendary players all.


For many the best footballer of all time. 'The fuzz’ It is one of those 'cracks’ They never won Copa America. Argentina played three editions of this competition: that of 1979 the combined albiceleste fell in the first phase. In 1987, home and having triumphed in the World 1986, Argentina It was eliminated in the semifinals as in editing 1989.


Another football legend who needs no introduction is Brazilian Skin. The myth of canarinha only played one Copa America. Was in the year 1959 with a format of competition of all against all different from today. The host Argentina Y Brazil clashed in the last game was casually final. The draw made the albiceleste was the champion by adding 11 points (one more than his Brazilian rival).


One of the best Argentine Soccer Players in History. Mario Kempes also failed to add to his resume nations tournament more important in Latin. He was present only in editing 1975 in which he struck 4 goals but his team was eliminated in the group stage after winning the two parties to Venezuela but losing two against Brazil (by then the competition system was different from today).


Again an illustrious Brazilian who can not miss in this list of greats who never won the Copa America. Zico, like Skin, only had a chance to win the title in this competition. It was in the contest 1979 where the Brazilians were eliminated in the semifinals by which end up being the champion: Paraguay.


Paraguayan goalkeeper is a football legend in his country. He represented his team for many years as the great leader of Paraguay combined, but nevertheless, also he won the title of champion of America. The goalkeeper played this tournament three times (1991, 1993 Y 1997). None of them passed quarterfinal.


One of the best strikers in the history of Chile. "Bam bam’ prevailed at club part such as giant Real Madrid one he Inter among others. With its selection scored an awful lot of goals but also had no luck in the Copa America. Zamorano You can not have the excuse that other players like Skin O Zico that only they played once this championship. Chile had to 4 opportunities (1987, 1991, 1993 Y 1999).


Valderrama It is one of the most legendary players in the late 80 and early 90. Colombia had many opportunities to win Copa America since the he disputed up to 5 occasions and also consecutively (1987, 1989, 1991, 1993 Y 1995). A few years later, and without 'The kid’, Colombia won the title at home.


Uruguay tops palmares of Copa America with 15 Titles. But nevertheless, one of the best players in the history of the Uruguayan team, 'The Chinese’ Recoba He never won the tournament. It is true that only had two chances (1997 Y 2007).


A myth selection Brazil. Socrates shared computer Zico but neither could lift the trophy (or 1979 or 1983). Another big star who never won the Copa America despite having quality and personality that made him unique.

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