Cracks Humility and Talent

Cracks Humility and Talent
Carlitos Tévez is one of those footballers with talent and sacrifice who have come out from the bottom. PHOTO: Soccer

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"The great stars that come from below, excel and strive, they always have in mind a step from their past so that they can take three steps forward, with perseverance, righteousness and desire, can you touch the sky, the stars will be your companions on cold nights caressing your emerging skin bristling with the cold. Your hands will be to protect you and to work, you will use your legs to run between fields and get as far as you can, your eyes are so sharp that you can see your next stop in the distance. And above all, always keep the humility of your heart and do not freeze it or forget it for your very achievements, since at the end of the day what prevails in your being will be the memory that you leave of yourself, your actions speak and the ultimate goal is to become a lasting memory and not a fleeting one " – ZFB

You start from scratch

With the previous words of an anonymous poet, we can understand that high achievers always start from scratch and learn to stand out from the rest at their own pace, as well as they are always persevering in their actions and maintain a rhythm that is according to their character without opting for any shortcut to glory.

We can take this paragraph and adapt it to everything in our life, this also includes sports, and as such we can witness and witness great athletes, especially from Soccer Cracks that left their mark on history, not only because of his dominance of the ball on the court, but also for his actions and humility. Not many, and it may even seem strange to us, however there are.

Talent and Humility

In the course of history we have met great footballers, which seem to us to have come out of Japanese Anime, with an extraordinary command of the ball, formidable playing techniques and great stamina. These are just some of the qualities for which we decided in our opinion, who are the best footballers, however this not only depends on us, since there are groups in charge of reviewing the qualities of the best footballers, as well as reward them with different badges, one of these is the popular Ballon d'Or, Concacaf awards, Conmebol, FIFA.

But there is something some forget on their long road to stardom, Much of it is due to lack of attention or probably because the "smoke went to his head", it's sad, but it exists, but this is not our case, we want to name and pay tribute to the humbler footballers, those who are considered the best, most talented and above all they never forget where they came from, who are they, because they are, and where do they want to go.

Best Footballers + Humble

The list can be long, this after a series of analyzes that have been made among the most prominent sports in this field, the actions they have, their participation for the community they reside, the country of origin and above all for the world itself, here we will provide you with some of which we personally think are examples to follow, it is a personal subjective idea without discrediting others, but for our list we have had our own criteria, if you want to stay informed in the sports field, you can check Dr-Game, you will find sports and interesting blogs.

Carlos Tevez

Originally from Ciudadela Argentina, He is known as one of the most popular footballers of today, he did not have a good childhood since according to his own words “Thanks to football, I have not seen myself as many boys in my neighborhood ... dead, drugged, the prisoner", These words moved not only the Argentine fans, but also young and old, who keep in mind that this is one of the footballers who always take into account where they come from, and as if it were not all, is an activist in his community for the welfare of the children of Argentina.


It is no secret to anyone that the majority of Brazilian footballers come from the deepest and lowest part of society., and Neymar is no exception, with a tough childhood, in one of the not so nice regions of Sao Paulo, I do not enjoy other things that he saw in his friends and his father had to work from sunrise to moon in order to provide sustenance at his table, I collect soccer balls at an early age and train playing on the "street", is now regarded as one of the 10 best soccer players in the world and is among the 5 best paid, you can simply tell an example to follow.


Another heartbreaking story, full of ups and downs, lack of money at home, a reasonable habitat to sleep, an unfinished floor of dirt mixed with concrete did not prevent this from affecting his football career, giving a crack that triumphed despite everything, in recent years he has starred in numerous scandals, but it can be explained but not justified and these derive from where he came and his desire to obtain what he could not when he was a child, he had little involvement in his locality with society itself given the case that he was involved in a controversy of sexual abuse of an Albanian girl from 22 years, the 2021 received a judgment of compensation from 60.000 EUR + 9 years in prison.

There are many more footballers like: Cesar Gomez, Messi, Skin, Romario, Pizarro, which also enter this list, however you can find this information in different sports and computer blogs, we hope you liked the article.


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