Peter Dubovsky, a death that shocked the Spanish football

Peter Dubovsky, a death that shocked the Spanish football
Peter Dubovsky with team jersey Slovakia (Alchetron)

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The story of Peter Dubovsky It has a very sad ending. Slovak footballer arrived in Spain after the Real Madrid pay for it 500 million pesetas Slovan de Bratislava. But he had no continuity in the Merengues expected, his personality struck a chord both in the workforce and white Directive.

After two seasons in Bernabéu, Peter Dubovsky He was transferred to Real Oviedo. At Carlos Tartiere demonstrated quality and played for 5 seasons being one of the most beloved players by the fans carbayona. Became the mythical 10 of Real Oviedo. With 28 years faced the season 2000-2001 in full sport maturity is one of the fundamental pillars of that team.

Dubovsky y Raúl
Dubovsky with Raul celebrating the League won the season 1995-1996 (RB Jerseys)

That was when the tragedy came. In the summer of 2000, Peter Dubovsky It was vacationing in Thailand with his girlfriend, his sister and brother. The two couples often spent holidays together every year and this time the exotic Asian country was chosen destination.

He slipped when he went to take a picture and fell from a height of about 20 meters”

Unfortunately, As he told on occasion Aurélia, Footballer couple, the day of death Dubovsky I went cloudy: “Our first intention was to go to the beach, but there was no sun so we decided to visit the waterfalls of the island Ko Samui. Peter wanted to take a picture, he slipped and fell from a height of about 20 meters”.

It looks like, medical care took long to reach the scene and the player arrived at the hospital hours after a cerebral hemorrhage and several broken ribs. He was operated on emergency and, Unfortunately, He did not exceed the operation, passing away in full intervention. Shortly after, Aurélia learned that Dubovsky he planned to propose on that trip. Footballer parents gave the engagement ring he had prepared for the occasion.

Real Oviedo
Peter Dubovsky's death shocked fans of Real Oviedo (La Voz de Asturias)

Cospiranoic theories

Of course, after that tragedy, They arose numerous versions and conspiracy theories about the death of Dubovsky. Some media hinted that the player threw himself headlong into a shallow lake. In others he spoke of a kidnapping by a mob who believed that he was still footballer Real Madrid and knowing that he played in Real Oviedo he was executed. By last, another absurd. It was said that dragging a large debt due to an alleged gambling so he faked his death to collect insurance.

We, obviously, we are left with the version of your family and, especially, with the memory of his football. He played in Spain 176 official matches with the shirt of Real Madrid and Real Oviedo scoring a total of 22 goals. He also represented the national team in 33 parties marking 12 many.

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