What happened to Hugo Sánchez in the USA World Cup 94?

What happened to Hugo Sánchez in the USA World Cup 94?
Why didn't Hugo Sánchez play against Bulgaria in the USA? 94? PHOTO: capture Youtube

The participation of Hugo Sánchez in the USA World Cup 1994 was a source of controversy and disagreements. Despite being one of the stars summoned to represent Mexico, his performance in that tournament did not reach the expected level.

A call full of controversy

But nevertheless, the path of Hugo Sánchez in the USA World Cup 94 was plagued with tensions and disagreements. Despite not having the desire to participate in the competition, was convinced by Miguel Mejía Barón, then national coach. Although there were people who did not want his presence in the tournament, Mejía Barón managed to persuade him during a meeting at his brother's house.

Hugo Sánchez over time, revealed details of that moment, where Emilio Azcárraga expressed his willingness to do without him if Mejia Baron that's how I decided. This fact was related to the formation of the Association of Players in 1993, in which Sánchez was seen as a leader and Azcárraga feared his influence on the movement.

Why did Hugo Sánchez not want to go out in the match against Bulgaria in the USA 94?

Despite the apparent good relationship with the coach who opted for him, the question arose during the tournament: Because Hugo Sanchez refused to enter in the final minutes of the game against Bulgaria, which would decide the classification of Mexico to the quarterfinals? Hugo himself revealed it in the documentary ‘Bios: Lives that marked yours' What can you see on the Disney platform? +.

As the penalty shootout approached, Mejía Barón called Sánchez from the band to enter the field instead of Benjamín Galindo, in midfield. But nevertheless, the striker refused, arguing that it would feel ridiculous. And it is that the coach wanted to put the scorer in a more backward position than he was used to moving.

Hugo Sánchez's reaction surprised Mejía Barón, who decided not to let him enter. Over time, Sánchez has come to understand his reaction, but at that moment he regretted not having had at least three minutes on the field, especially for the penalty shootout. The party was defined in that instance, with the defeat of Mexico against Bulgaria.


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