The footballers' strike of the years 80

The footballers' strike of the years 80
This is the 11 full of amateurs and youths that Barcelona presented on the day 2 of 1984. Only Luis Milla and a couple more returned to stay in the elite. PHOTO: Sports world

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Do you remember that footballers strike of the years 80? Soccer is such a gigantic business that on certain occasions players have had to fight very hard to secure their rights. Precisely, there is a time, the one of the years 80, where the footballers strike it was something very repeated.

Then, We will review what has happened in one of the most demanding decades of national football.

1979: First strike

The first major strike in Spanish football took place in March 1979, more specifically the day 4 of that month. On that occasion, and without previous precedents, footballers stood in front of their clubs and the Spanish Football Federation for three main reasons.

First, they wanted to remove the lien, which helped teams keep players in their squad year after year as long as they raised their chip by 10%. Another cause was to force the inclusion of Social Security. By last, players also advocated and lobbied to remove the age limit that prevented under-23s from competing in Third division.

That stoppage of matches during the day adopted the name of the ‘fallen boots strike’, and marked a before and after.

1981: Second chapter of the footballers' strike

After what happened two years before, the footballers of the League Spanish were no longer afraid to vindicate themselves for their rights. It's more, the season 81/82 could not start the 6 September as planned, since the players returned to strike again to force the payment and liquidation of the large debts that existed at that time.

Finally, and once the conflict is resolved, the 20 September the domestic championship was inaugurated.

1984: a bizarre weekend

Surely, one of the most remembered strikes in Spanish football took place on 9 september 1984. The First division faced a second day that went down in history because the players once again exercised their right to strike in order to claim, among other things, their participation in the negotiations of television agreements. It was the start of the post-Maradona season, that had finished with that monumental fight in the Cup final 1984.

footballers strike
These were the demands of the footballers in the strike of 1984 and that resulted in hundreds of youth debuts in all teams. PHOTO: I am a Madridista

That phenomenon did not stop football, since the teams competed by lining up homegrown players and fans, resulting in surreal matches between First Division teams full of youth and homegrown players and even with players from their teams located in regional category, where many of them had their first and only experience in a top flight match in the elite.

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