The surprising first goalkeeper in the history of Portsmouth

The surprising first goalkeeper in the history of Portsmouth
Mount Athur Conan Doyle with a soccer ball (TLN television)

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The story is full of famous people who felt at some point in their lives have great admiration and interest in football. The protagonist of this article is no exception and has the honor of being the first goalkeeper in the history of Portsmouth Assotiation Football Club.

Arthur Conan Doyle born in Scotland in 1858 Y, as many of you know, He is the creator of the fictional character Sherlock Holmes. As a writer he developed an extensive work but, obviously, we will focus on his relationship with football.

The Portsmouth AFC It was founded in 1883 and was an amateur club. Arthur Conan Doyle, it was a great sportsman, It was the first team goalkeeper. The most curious thing is that, somehow, He wanted to keep well separated his career of professional (It was doctor) as well as writer. Probably for this reason he decided to play with the pseudonym A.C. Smith.

The writer did not play many encounters with Portsmouth AFC (some 30 total) and apparently also placed the sticks also served as right back on occasion. His passion for the sport is evident as well as play football also played golf, rugby, cricket and was even boxer.

That first Portsmouth, Current germ, He ceased to exist a few years later, specifically in 1896. It was then born today Portsmouth FC whose greatest achievements were two league championships (1948-1949 Y 1949-1950), and two FA Cup titles (1938-1939 Y 2007-2008).

Doyle back then he was already more than busy giving life, among others, the daring detective Sherlock Holmes. Who knows if the football world has lost a great goalkeeper.

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