Kenneth Kristensen, one of the signings rarest of the modest football

Kenneth Kristensen, one of the signings rarest of the modest football
Kenneth Kristensen went down in history as one of the strangest signings ever remembered (ABC)

The history of football is full of the most bizarre signings. Players who hit a club after payment of a large sum of money and whose performance is more than disappointing. But nevertheless, If you try today, He went down in history as one of the rarest of the modest football.

Norway It is not only one of the countries with the highest standard of living in the world, It is a nation unique in many respects. Emerged in the ninth century (although subsequently subjected and declared formally independent in 1814), but it had no common language to own 1917 (with artificial unification of the two main Norwegian dialects, little intelligible to each other, creating standardized Norwegian, the language born as a "Koine" between the two and is used today in study and, as well, at official level with the Danish and Swedish, as the three languages ​​official of the Nordic country).

The country with the highest life expectancy of the planet, with the third highest per capita income, the best places in all the rankings of productivity and, also, according to the UN, the nation with the Human Development Index of the planet higher, in front of Australia, U.S Y Sweden. A nation in many ways exemplary and unique, something in football is no exception.

Norway has the highest percentage of players (male and female) of the world. A nation that barely scratches the five million inhabitants and where a 11% of them practice the sport of football federated mode and which highlights a number of footballers girls. Kenneth Kristensen era, In the season 2001-02, the front center of the holder Vindbjart, modest football Norwegian Third Division (the fourth level of football in the country), a category completely amateur.

Kristensen He had signed a three-year contract with the Vindbjart, She is wandering through the bottom of the ranking. Based on scoring goals in his first two years (in both seasons he exceeded the figure of twenty many) the front aroused the interest of the Floey, team also third, but with more projection and aspired to ascend to Second Division B, and a semi-professional status.

In Norway only the current Daylife, then those Tippeligaen, (the top flight of football in the country) It is completely professional, with a minimum wage fixed and exclusive dedication to the sport of all players. The dream of Kristensen It was to reach professional football and the offer of the Floey, a nearby village team, he approached it.

But there was a problem, to the front it was left over a one year contract with Vindbjart and his club demanded financial compensation to the Floey I could not approach the encounter mired in an economic crisis, no sports, which she forced him to adjust to the maximum numbers and rely on their quarry or arrival Free players.

The player wanted to change shirt. "Kenneth was excited with the idea of ​​joining the Floey and did not want to cause trouble, but he had a contract with us and was forced to request compensation ', He declared in his day the president of the Vindbjart, Vidar Ulstein. So Ulstein found the solution in a petition that surprised the president of the Floey, Rolf Guttormsen.


A lack of money could pay with shrimp, since one of the directors of the Floey was a businessman known in the fisheries sector. And closed one of the most picturesque in the world transfer of the modest football: the weight of the player be paid in kilos shrimp.

In the offices of the Vindbjart He weighed to the player, Seventy-five kilos. Then, both presidents went to the port of Vennesla where he expected the owner of fisheries management, to deliver exactly seventy-five kilos of shrimp. President, Template, employees of the Vindbjart and self Kristensen a tribute-based farewell were given a good mariscada, sprinkled with plenty of beer, sale price of the promising striker whose career was half.

He played in the Second Division, in the rows of a historical rundown, the I start The Krista Sand (winner of the Norwegian league the years 1977-78 Y 1979-80) and with whom he went on to play professionally for two years: a season in the second category and one in the Tippeligaen, although this almost symbolically since the course was in the top flight of football Norwegian participation dropped to a league match and an appearance in the Cup, without ever scoring a goal.

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