The sad farewell of José Antonio Reyes, Idol sevillismo

The sad farewell of José Antonio Reyes, Idol sevillismo
José Antonio Reyes the day he said goodbye to the Sánchez Pizjuán fans (Photo: Sevilla FC)

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An unexpected gift, a surprise party…, belting ..., bump with the person you like ..., the sport, score a goal, vibrating a mass of people ..., speed.

There are many situations that bring us the feeling of being alive, we do experience a peal of beats, we freeze breath and a shiver down our whole body.

A meteoric TAKEOFF

Innate qualities Jose Antonio Reyes They made his footballing career took off quickly. With scarcely 16 years became the youngest player to debut in first division with Sevilla F.C.

the dream of a child was fulfilled utrerano. Of a child, leaning against the car window of his mother, He realized the trip 30 kilometers that separated his house the sevillista sports city several times a week. Always absorbed in thought, always staring over the landscape, on the road, Confessor of his dreams.

He was also quick his rise to fame. The picture of a young man dressed Reyes lying on a bed with sheets and sevillistas under a mural Our Lady of Consolation I rounded the Spain football. Smiling teaches driving license manually. It was needed those trips only, no company but the road itself, Utrera road.


He soon succeed with Sevilla F.C. It is the flagship of a new generation, which he allowed the club out of its worst crisis. But an institution still burdened by debts was forced to sell.

"We had to sell. I got sick of having to sell the banner of the sevillismo. "

Monchi. Sevilla FC Sporting Director.

The spar. Onda Cero. 3 June 2019

Very young he headed to Arsenal English. He had a promising start, but nevertheless, personally adapt costs: "English life is very different from Utrera". She missed their land and when he could return to her, Always on the road, the accomplice in the first leg smiles and tears on lap.

The first Spanish player to win the Premier League soon it became a symbol of the Spanish selection. We all remember that conversation with Luis Aragones, in which the coach was trying to motivate the front of a very peculiar way: head to head sent him a strong message: "You are a thousand times better than black Arsenal" Referring to Thierry Henry, then the great dominator of English football.

"From what I remember everything, the boss suddenly appears and as he said that phrase could not do anything but laugh, because he thought Host! which you are rolling the coach, but neither said with evil for which it hooked up. "

Jose Antonio Reyes. The day after. 12 February 2018

Reyes football shared with two other great passions. A, Cars. As Ramón Blanco tells the crossbar "He loved cars, He buys sell, always he had a collection of five or six cars ". Uploaded to a different one each time always came home from the road always, to join his family, his other great passion.

With them he starred in another endearing moment. Convened with the Spanish team, his family went to visit him, He was denied overnight at the hotel and Reyes, neither short nor lazy, He did not hesitate to stay with them. To the amazement of all, They spent the night together in two cars, who awoke to fogged in front of the hotel.

He returned to Spanish football, to be decisive in the Real Madrid and upload his resume with Benfica Y Atletico Madrid. Y, at last, eight years later, return to his Sevilla C.F. To live with his team of the golden age of the club's history, "Whoever thinks that 28 years come to retire is crazy, I come to my club to win titles, what I have done in all the clubs where I have been ".

He played his last season in first with Espanyol before, paradoxically his ambition to bring him down to second. He did it to save from relegation to a terminally ill Córdoba and his father's dream come true, bético blooded, of see dress verdiblanco.

The following season his courage led him to enlist the ranks of Estremadura, when "They rejected all part of the project" a historic return to the second division. There was an idol even for his own companions who had illusion to play with him.

In all teams that went left an unmistakable mark, of humility, the positivism, the authenticity, of your smile.


Jose Antonio Reyes he was quick, as his band game, as the start of his career, as his life. To the 35 years after his workout with the Estremadura, He headed to Utrera. To meet his family and see the end of the European Cup, for which fate had reserved for him a leading role: sixty seconds showed that never again walk alone.

He never came home. His life ended too soon, too quickly. On the road. that road. His faithful companion until death. Utrera road.

“Death does not make us better or worse but leaves us helpless in the memory of others, and that memory is what gives us the course heaven or hell”.

José Ramón de la Morena. The spar. Onda Cero. 3 June 2019

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