The day Real Madrid signed Rambo

The day Real Madrid signed Rambo
Rambo Petkovic did not triumph at Real Madrid. PHOTO: ABC

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Real Madrid signed Rambo Petkovic the late 90. Things before were not like now and the greats like the Madrid team signed players as peculiar as this Balkan with the nickname of one of the most iconic characters of the great Sylvester Stallone. A footballer who did not give much of himself as a Madrid player and who went through other Spanish football teams such as Sevilla and the Racing de Santander.

Rambo Petkovic, a strange signing of Real Madrid at the end of the 90

In january 1996 this strange signing arrived with the band of a different player. He came from the Red Star and the reports that came from him spoke of a strong footballer, very strong and with quality. Rambo Petkovic He arrived just to play the second round of the season 1995/96, a terrible season in the history of Real Madrid, since they could not even qualify to play European competition.

Rambo Petkovic real madrid
Rambo Petkovic in a Real Madrid training session 1995-96. PHOTO: AS

Then came the revolution in Real Madrid 1996-97 with the arrival of Seedorf, Roberto Carlos, Suker, Mijatovic and Fabio Capello on the bench. Precisely with this Rambo had them stiff as he told in an interview to Marca.

We were in training and Fabio had a fight with Guti… and suddenly, he came to me and told me: 'And you, Serbian, you are never going to play with me again in Madrid!. Because you are not a player for this club”. I approached… and i told him: ‘Well, mister, if it took six months, Since I arrived, in realizing that I am not a player for Madrid, you, excuse me, but he can't be a coach of this club’ declared Rambo Petkovic a Brand in an interview with this newspaper in 2019.

A few matches in Spanish soccer and idol in Brazil later

Rambo Petkovic It was one of the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid, for its performance. But neither did he succeed in Seville or Santander where he was loaned out and neither did he have continuity.. Curiously after he went to China and Brazil. Precisely in the South American country he was a star in teams like Flamengo, played until almost 40 years and became an eminence.

Rambo Petkovic
This is how they fired Rambo Petkovic from Flamengo. Like a whole eminence. PHOTO: Globe Sports

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