Just Fontaine, the best 'Pichichi’ in World Cup history

Just Fontaine, the best 'Pichichi’ in World Cup history
Just Fontaine, author 13 goals in the World Cup in Sweden 1958 (Photo: Fifa.com)

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Just Fontaine He born in Marrakech (French protectorate in Morocco) in 1933. He trained in the youth of the AS Marrakech and he began his career in the USM Casablanca Also in Morocco. He remained on this computer 3 years with some outrageous goalscoring figures 294 goals in 127 matches. Obviously, soon he had European teams interested in signing and thus reached the French league 1953.

The Nice It was his first club France in which he managed to score 69 goals in 3 seasons and won a League and Cup. Then came the great opportunity to play for one of the strongest teams at that time: the Stade de Reims. its mission, no more no less, replace Raymond Kopa.

For six great seasons, He was able to score 122 achieving other goals 3 Suspenders, 1 Cup and 2 Supercopas French. further, It was top scorer in the championship twice.


But where Just Fontaine and he took a leading role worldwide fame was in the World Cup finals in Sweden 1958. The French player holds the record for goals scored in a holding, nothing more and nothing less, what 13 targets.

First he scored a hat trick against Paraguay in the victory of his team 7-3. Then he made two Yugoslavia in victory (2-3) and he continued the streak against Scotland (2-1) e Ireland of the North (4-0) that marked them 1 Y 2 goals respectively.

But nevertheless, the mighty Brazil a debutante Pele, He crossed the road France Kopa and Fontaine. Although he managed to also mark the cariocas, his team fell by a convincing 2 a 5 in semifinals. Far from being discouraged, framework 4 goals in the consolation final against Federal Germany what France He won by 6-3 finishing in third place.

With one share, French is one of the first positions top scorers in the history of the world. No one, before or after, He has been able to achieve so many goals in a single World. In fact, the player who comes close is Hungarian Sandor Kocsis What did 11 goals in the previous World Cup held in Switzerland 1954. One that was more or less close was Gerd Müller, what did it mark 10 in Mexico in 1970. Many years later, to mark Fontaine remains unattainable.


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