The official betting house of La Liga: sports

The official betting house of La Liga: sports
sports, LaLiga official bookmaker.

Last updated June 12, 2020 by Javier Argudo

Sports betting is long overdue to stay. Nowadays, the market offers us a wide range when choosing a certain bookie. But nevertheless, today we would like to highlight sports, the official betting house of the Spanish League.

It should be noted that the first agreement between sports and La Liga took place in the year 2014. Thus, the brand became the first and only bookmaker to sign a sponsorship agreement with the highest body in Spanish football.

sports has a number of advantages over the competition. One of the most important is the fact of having a large number of physical stores throughout the national territory. This makes many users opt for it because they can make their forecasts and collect them in cash (even if they have made their forecasts online).

Of course, when choosing a bookmaker where to invest our money, we have to take into account many other factors. One of them, of utmost importance, lies in the markets that are offered to us. In this, is at the forefront because we can bet on all kinds of sports, from the most ‘media’ (football, basketball, tennis…) even others who are not so much (badminton, handball, hockey…).

But not only do we have a large assortment of sports, but within each of the events that the house offers us, we have many options. In a soccer game, for example, in addition to betting on the winner of the match we can also bet on the scorer, number of corner kicks, double chance, handicap result… this makes the option of sports is much more attractive than others.

further, the house has a very simple and intuitive APP for mobile devices that helps us place our bets with total comfort and speed (an important factor when the event is being played live). Payment and withdrawal methods are allowed by Paypal, VISA, MasterCard, Skrill…) something that guarantees our safety at all times. Something fundamental when evaluating and choosing a bookmaker.

By last, although no less important, we have to highlight something that places sports between the best bookmakers of the market today. This bookie It has some of the most attractive shares that have nothing to envy those of other competing brands. This is a very important fact to keep in mind because placing a bet and risking the same amount of money, in the long run, we will be making more money in the house that offers us a higher quota.

Taking into account all the above and, adding in addition, the great help support for the platform user, we can affirm that sports Is the best option. As usual, remember that we must act with responsibility and common sense, so that our experience in the world of betting is positive.

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