Agostino di Bartolomei, suicide that shocked the whole of Italy

Agostino di Bartolomei, suicide that shocked the whole of Italy
Di Bastolomei in celebrating the Scudetto 1983 (Photo: Ita New)

The story that we bring you today is a sad story. Very sad. It's about Agostino di Bartolomei, known to football fans as Ago. Which would become Roma captain, his team since he was a child, who decided to take life a 30 May 1994.

Di Bartolomei He debuted with the Roman conjunction with 18 years and after an assignment to Cesena, again he teams to become a permanent fixture and part of Best Rome history. Set yellow Red He managed to win two Italian Cups and one Scudetto, the second in its history, after 42 years of having achieved the first. It was in 1983 and thanks to this league title the Romans played the European Cup.

The team led by Ago He was beating rounds to stand on final against Liverpool. Coincidences of fate, the end is going to play in the Olimpico in Rome, nothing more and nothing less. Everything seemed prepared to make the party complete. Nothing is further from reality.


The Roma He made a good game but the end result was 1-1 and the champion had to decide on penalties. Nothing more tragic. Goalkeeper Liverpool, Grobelaar, It became famous this day be drunk in one of the pitches to throw the launcher Roma, that misfired. Agostino di Bartolomei Yes he scored his release but the English side took the title by winning the penalty for 2-4.

The stick was too big for the captain Roma that same season the team announced he was leaving his entire life to play for Milan. Precisely he debuted in San Siro against his former team and scored a goal, which he celebrated with rabies, something that did not forgive his former fans who welcomed him with a big blast in the second leg.

I feel locked inside a hole”

A few years later, He decided to hang up his boots. That's when the trouble started really. After failing to remain connected to the world of football and fail in creating a school of young players, morning 30 May 1994 (exactly 10 years after losing the final of the European Cup in the Olympic) He decided to shoot himself and end his life.

“I feel locked inside a hole”, said farewell note he wrote. Definitely, a sad and tragic end of a player who could never overcome that defeat or the wearing of a secluded life football.


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