Pablo Aimar and Juan Roman Riquelme, two rival friends

Pablo Aimar and Juan Roman Riquelme, two rival friends
Pablo Aimar and Juan Roman Riquelme on a River-Boca (La Pelotona)

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Many times, The great rivalries confused with enmity. Johan Cruyff and Franz Beckenbauer showed in the years 70 which can be a great respect and friendship between 'enemies’ in sports. Pablo Aimar Y Juan roman riquelme are another example much more recent.

Pablo Aimar

Undoubtedly, one of those geniuses who gave birth to football late 90. After noting in his hometown club, Students of Rio Cuarto, She auditioned to join River Plate where, like is logic, it was accepted. But nevertheless, his father felt that it was too soon to go into professional football and returned to his home club.

Own Daniel Passarella, River technician at that time, It was he who personally called the parent to convince. Pablo Aimar and the club reached the red stripe to become idol and powerful figure of the team, a year before, He had won the Copa Libertadores.

The Payasito’ Aimar was accumulating trophies and great performances. Opening and Closing Tournament 1997, Opening of 1999, Clausura 2000…. forming with other historical as Javier Saviola O Ariel Ortega.

His arrival in Europe of the hand of Valencia was an event. In the assembly Mestalla continued success, in fact, we can say that was one of the members of the Best Valencia history, League champion twice, UEFA Cup and European Super Cup.

His last team was in Spain Real Zaragoza where they continued to enjoy their quality, final pass and vision, although the demotion made him pack to Portugal where they still have time to shine during 5 seasons in the rows of the Benfica.


In front wax, in the eternal rival, which shone, for many, It is the most historic idol of the fans of Boca Juniors: Juan roman riquelme.

The 10’ xeneize It was, without a doubt, single leader of a team capable of winning titles both nationally and internationally. In addition to the Opening 1998, Closure 1999 and Opening 2000, They will always be remembered both Libertadores (2000 Y 2001) and the Intercontinental Cup of the year 2000 in which Riquelme smashed to Real Madrid.

His move to Europe was around. Riquelme's failure in the FC Barcelona It was the strangest thing so had to look elsewhere shine. On arrival at Villarreal was a success. The fans of the Yellow Submarine considered the best player in the history of the club.

Pablo Aimar and Riquelme
Riquelme and Aimar also met in La Liga in several derbies between Valencia and Villarreal (ABC)

After his European adventure, He had several returns to Boca Juniors until, in the year 2014, He hung up his boots in Argentinos Juniors, one of the teams where he also played another absolute idol of the fans xeneize, Diego Armando Maradona.


The role of both in the selection of Argentina It was remarkable. Finally they managed to play together after being rivals at club level throughout their lives. Both lower grades and absolute albiceleste, Pablo Aimar Y Juan roman riquelme They had the opportunity to enjoy together on the court.

Pablo Aimar and Riquelme Argentina
Aimar and Riquelme in training with Argentina (brand Clear)

Champions of the Mundial Sub-20 held in Malaysia in 1997 and the South American 1997 Y 1999. In absolute not so lucky. Aimar He was present in two World (2002 Y 2006) while Riquelme only of 2006 in Germany, yes, It was Gold Medal at the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.

Once removed. Both have agreed on numerous interviews and even spots advertising showing their friendship and asking the supporters of good behavior. Two stars on and off the court will always remember the magic they had in their boots.

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