The evolution of tactical boards

The evolution of tactical boards
Tactical boards are a good resource for coaches.

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They are seen frequently at game breaks, in the analysis of specialized programs, even in sports movies, but ... are the soccer tactical boards? Y, especially, How have they come to be what today today? Here we discover how it has been the evolution of tactical boards so that you know its history better. We started!

Types of tactical boards and their history

Where do tactical boards come from? They have certainly experienced a long haul through the years, from the traditional wall models with chalk and eraser to the most current designs, with markers and field lines already printed, that even incorporate magnetic elements to represent players and goals.

He too format has visibly evolved, leaving aside the slates of standard size, intended for explanations in the changing room or in a study classroom, in favor of the most small and manageable, kind binder, plus comfortable and ideal for obtaining a greater maneuverability during the instructions in the dock.

Another modality that has achieved great acceptance in the sports world is the paper tactical board. In essence, It's about a notebook of sheets with the drawing of the court in question, on which the different indications are noted in the usual way. The advantage of the paper format is that it allows keep these notes for future review and review plays, as well as evaluating mistakes made, in the face of new encounters.

Buy soccer tactical boards at Mundo Whistle

Of course, although many sports disciplines can benefit from the use of these accessories, without a doubt the soccer tactical boards are at the top of their genre.

To succeed in the beautiful game, both an excellent individual technique as an effective group coordination, and for this a good tactical board such as those offered by the wide catalog of Whistle World is a key element to achieve victory.

Whistle World is one of the main providers of professional sports equipment in Spain, with an online sales service that covers the entire national territory. In its Web page you can find all the models mentioned above and some more with a wide range of functionalities, like the reversible tactical boards Play football, that have on one side the complete field and on the other a enlarged section midfield, for more detailed indications, as well as the entrance sets Zastor Mister Soccer, in agenda format with space to store the markers and zipper.

What are tactical boards for?

Few will be able to deny the utility of performing schemes for a better understanding of a complex matter. To view something will always be preferable to just imagining it, especially when it comes to crafting a winning strategy.

The tactical boards, in this sense, offer sports professionals the opportunity not only to Polish your own ideas and make corrections that, otherwise, would be impossible; but also and, especially, to transmit these plans to the players as a preliminary step to materialize them in the pitch.


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