Why is Belgium still the number 1 from the FIFA ranking?

Why is Belgium still the number 1 from the FIFA ranking?
Belgium is one of the candidates to win the Eurocup. PHOTO: Brand

Many are surprised that Robert Martínez's Belgium in the FIFA national team ranking, who just eliminated Portugal in the round of 16 of the European Championship, remain the number 1, despite not having won any tournaments in recent years. The main reason why the national team occupies that position is due to the excellent run that the team has been running since Roberto Martínez took charge of the team in 2016.

Robert Martínez's streak with Belgium

With the Spanish coach, Belgium has contested 60 matches, and has won nothing more and nothing less than 47. Meanwhile, the national team has achieved 6 draws and harvested 4 losses. It has been during this period, and thanks to great figures of European football like Courtois, Hazard or De Bruyne that the team has risen as one of the references of world football, and that it has managed to position itself as one of the favorites for the great national team tournaments.

Without going further, for the Eurocup that is being played this summer, Belgium is one of the teams with the best chances of reaching the final rounds of the championship, as indicated by the latest published forecasts. According to the bookmakers that follow the competition, and beyond France and England that are still the two favorite teams, Belgium is in that European top that should fight for the title in mid-July. Thanks to safe betting houses, What do those fees apply?, fans can see which teams will be favorites during each of the tournament playoffs, and if they wish they can add some excitement to the matches.

The road to the Euro

Surely, one of the teams that could give more surprises during the championship would be, precisely, Roberto Martínez's Belgium, who already achieved third position in the World Cup in Russia 2018. They only fell defeated against France in the semifinals, a team that ultimately took the title against Croatia. For now, Belgium has four consecutive victories in the Euro, and could reach the semifinals in the case of eliminating Italy, another of the great surprises of the competition.

let's remember, Belgium, during the nineties and at the beginning of the century, they showed themselves as a vulnerable team that did not reap great results in the competitions played during that period of time. It is for the same reason that Martínez's work at the head of the team has even more merit, not to mention a generation of players that has managed to lead the country to the forefront of European football.

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