Record of goals in a single season in the 5 major european leagues

Record of goals in a single season in the 5 major european leagues
Leo Messi broke the record for goals in the league in a season. PHOTO:

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Today we will discuss the goal record scored by a footballer in each of the major European leagues. Players who wrote their names in gold letters in the history of the English championships, France, Spain, Germany and Italy. As we will see next, very important figures and hard to beat.

Record of goals in a season: Footballers who scored the most goals in a year

Dixie Dean (England)

Dixie Dean was an English footballer born in 1907. He took his first steps in football at the Birmerehead Tranmere Rovers and thanks to his great performance, happened to Everton, the club he loves, where he would become a legend.

He managed to become the top scorer in the history of English football, thanks to campaigns like his goal record in a single season in British football, in which he scored 60 goals in 39 matches. Got it in season 27/28, with the Everton shirt, team that showed their appreciation to the player by raising a statue of him on the outskirts of Goodison Park earlier this year 2001.

Dixie Dean
Dixie Dean's record seems impossible to beat (Everton)

Leo Messi (Spain)

The Argentinean Football Club Barcelona has smashed an impressive number of records throughout his career. In the season 2011/2012, managed to score 50 goals in 37 league matches, leaving a very high bar for any player.

Only Cristiano Ronaldo has been able to approach his goal record, having scored 46 in the same campaign in which Messi broke the record and 48 three seasons later. The Argentine has like this, the record for goals in the League in a season.

Josip Skoblar (France)

The former Croatian-born striker, played in 3 different leagues; the Yugoslav, the German and the French. He left his mark on all of them, winning, for example, 2 Glasses Yugoslavia with the OFK Belgrade. Later he would go to German Hannover, to finally land at Olympique de Marseille, where in the season 70/71, would write down 44 league goals, signing like this, the record of historical goals of the competition. He won Golden Ball in 1971 for his great goalscoring feat. At a collective level, he would win the French league of that same campaign and the league and the cup of the following season.

goal record
The 44 so many scored by Skoblar in the season 1970-1971 in the League 1 they seem an insurmountable barrier for any footballer today (Football in the seventies)

Gerd Müller (Germany)

The great German forward of Bayern Munich and the German team in the years 70, He has several great career records., for example, that of being one of the 5 top scorers in football history, with 735 so many officers.

His intelligence to always be well placed in the area, helped him achieve, In the season 71/72, 40 goals in the german league, historical record in the Bundesliga. Behind him there are several who have tried, like Lewandowski or Klose among others, but they have never managed to beat the "bomber of the nation", as he was known Müller.

Gonzalo Higuaín and Ciro Immobile (Italy)

Higuain e Immobile share the record for goals in a Serie A season, with 36 goals scored. The Argentine striker did it this season 15/16, when I wore the colors of Naples, beating Gunnar Nordahl as all-time top scorer in an Italian league season.

Meanwhile Ciro Immobile, would get it in season 19/20, under the colors of Lazio, team with which he qualified for the Champions League several years later. After failing to succeed in Seville or Dortmund, the Italian ended up in Lazio, team with which he has demonstrated a stratospheric goalscoring level, winning the Golden Boot in the season 19/20.

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