Kylian Mbappé unhappy at PSG and wants to sign in January

Kylian Mbappé unhappy at PSG and wants to sign in January

Last update October 20, 2022 by colgadosporelfutbol

Although the French youngster signed a new three-year contract with his current team, for the promises they made, but they did not comply, he wants to leave his team already in January, and this considering that there is very little time left before the start of the World Championship. He was even disappointed in such club policy and in his current actions. Likewise, It is worth mentioning that it is said that he had conflicts due to the fact that he does not like the role, that is to say, the position you currently play at the club. He doesn't really want to play in the pure forward position, but as always he would like to continue playing in his usual wing position. Now the situation is quite tense in the club, although the chances of him leaving the club in the near future are quite high. Mbappe was expected to leave PSG for Real Madrid last summer., but nevertheless, because of the promises made to him by the bosses of the club, decided to stay and win trophies with PSG. In this case things develop in a rather interesting way and it is likely to try to do some kind of football betting, that is, in our case in the signing of Mbappé or in the next PSG games or even in the World Cup 2022.

The French international then said that at PSG he will be able to give himself to the maximum and always perform at the highest level to win trophies with the club and individual. He had expected PSG to take a different approach to the market than he did with the football adviser., Louis Campos.

We can mention that he was disappointed in the first place with the transfers that the club made, that is to say, the club even signed several players, although Kylian was really hoping for a really wide step in his owners' transfer policy.

It can be said that the player's discontent can affect his mood during the World Cup, which starts in a month, where his team is in Group D with Tunisia, Australia and Denmark. Your team's tournament will start on 22 November with a match against Australia, the 26 against Denmark, the 30 against Tunisia. France is the main favorite in their group, and among the bookmakers it ranks second among the favorites to win the World Cup after Brazil.

Nevertheless, the focus on Mbappé will be very strong, since the results of this World Cup will greatly affect the fight for the Ballon d'Or, and Mbappé can become the great protagonist of this tournament. Because, Many, especially the french fans, expect the best performance from their star, and they hope that Mbappé's mood at the club does not affect their team's results in the World Cup. Even though, a bad performance with PSG in the Champions League and with France in the World Cup could be the beginning of the end of Mbappé's stay in the French league.


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