Zlatko Yankov, one of the worst signings in the history of Atletico Madrid

Zlatko Yankov, one of the worst signings in the history of Atletico Madrid
Epic moment in which Yankov shines to the press the day of his presentation with Atletico Madrid (Youtube)

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Sometimes when we play we wonder how a player may have reached professional and we still seems incredible that someone might have seen something interesting in it to sign him. If we talk about professional football and more specifically a club like Atletico Madrid, still leaves us speechless. Today we look at one of the worst signings in history the whole mattress.


But the story we tell you today is as true as life itself. This time the protagonist of the same or even it took him play to realize that it was a joke footballer. Your name, Zlatko Yankov, a Bulgarian from the Levski Sofia de.

In its official presentation at the Vicente Calderón and before the cameras made one of the most grotesque performances that are remembered. Of course, He never played an official match Atletico Madrid who gave it to Real Valladolid where disputed whopping 3 matches (2 as a starter) and accumulated 200 minutes in our league. It seems clear that a good slice someone came in and joining his move had little to do with the strictly sports. At that time Jesus Gil made and unmade at Atletico.

As is obvious soon left the Spanish League becoming one of the worst signings in history and returned home to join again the Levski Sofia de. Shortly after I had a fleeting passage by a modest club from Germany and got to play in teams of Turkey as himself Besiktas (someone came to take a succulent figure in this operation safely).

So you do not think that we are exaggerating we have recovered the video summary of the season 1991-1992 in which you can deleitaros with 'display’ of Yankov the day of submission, not wasted. Cutting begins the minute 38:55 and we assure you that it's worth seeing. In the arrepentiréis.

curiously, despite his resounding failure in the Spanish League, Yankov became a major footballer at the United States World Cup in 1994. The Bulgaria de Stoichkov It was one of the great sensations of the championship reaching the semifinals with the former Atlético and Real Valladolid in the center of the field.


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