Mallorca-Recreational, the final of Copa del Rey that changed everything

Mallorca-Recreational, the final of Copa del Rey that changed everything
Recre players and Mallorca form before the start of the Cup final 2003 (Last minute)

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The season 2002-2003 he played one of the most beautiful editions Copa del Rey for romantics who love football. It was the 99th edition of the oldest tournament in Spain and in addition to the teams playing European competition in the early rounds, He allowed two lowly clubs reached the final in search of his first Cup: Mallorca and Recreativo de Huelva.


But go to parties. If something had exciting that Copa del Rey was contesting teams had to enter European competition and in treintaidosavos final against teams from Segunda B but in a knockout a single match at home Weakest Link. Thus several bombings occurred as the elimination of the FC Barcelona at the hands of the Novelda these treintaidosavos or of the Valencia against him Alicante and the Athletic Club against him Real Union sixteenths.

And if that was not enough, Mallorca and Recreativo They were determined to 'make life difficult’ organizers who always want to have the clubs' typical’ in the final and were going rounds. The set Balearic shattered to the Real Madrid with an overall result of 1-5 while the dean of Spanish football alighted at the Atletico Madrid by 1-0 in quarterfinals. And if that was not enough Osasuna He eliminated the Sevilla so the mess was served with a semifinals were as follows: Dépor-Mallorca Y Recreational-Osasuna.


Vermilion and Andalusians were planted in the final a 28 June 2003 Y, as we said at the beginning of the article, one of the two would get the first Cup title in history. I must say that the Recre dropped to second this season and despite this was able to be a finalist in Copa, something that It had only happened once with Atletico Madrid three years ago.

The Mallorca He succeeded in imposing his rival by a strong 3-0 in a Martínez Valero completely filled with a special color as two cities and two humble interests were represented and lived his big moment.

Surely the television audience was not the same as if the characters had been Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico and Valencia and from there they started to change things in the tournament to pave the way for the teams contesting European competition since none of them has to be played sorting single party for many years now as it did then and the 'sorpresones’ Shortages have much.

Mallorca Cup champion
Mallorca players celebrate the title obtained (Youtube)


Two goals that day Samuel Eto'o and Pandiani They condemned the Recreativo and encumbraron to the Mallorca. By vermilion passed into history Leo Franco, Cuts, Nadal, Kid, Poli, New, Harold Lozano, Riera, Ibagaza, Eto'o and Pandiani.

By the Recre they played and were worthy runners-up Luque, Merino, Loren, Pereira, Pernía, Diego Camacho, Viqueira, Mario Bermejo, Javi García, Benitez and Raul Molina. Gregorio Manzano mallorquinista was the technical and Lucas Alcaraz the recreativista.

Recreativo Cup finalist
Recreativo starting lineup of the Cup final 2003 (huelvabuenasnoticias)

Many years have passed since then is very difficult for a humble team strain into a final, much less do dos and the 'Coconuts appear’ always. But nevertheless, all we remember that final like the illusion, allowing the dream hobbies of the other teams because if Mallorca and Recreativo they had gotten, ours could also do someday.

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  1. Which will be eliminated by Sevilla 2003 it was no surprise, its emergence among the greats came a little later.

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