Season 97-98: Salamanca 6 Valencia 0

Season 97-98: Salamanca 6 Valencia 0
That Salamanca 6 Valencia 0 It was an unforgettable match for the charros. PHOTO: capture Youtube

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That Salamanca 6 Valencia 0 It was a match that went down in history. The Valencia Football Club It is a large of our league, but nevertheless, as with all teams in the world, It has several smudges on his record. One of them is the loss 7-0 that the whole 'che’ He harvested in 1993 in the UEFA Cup against him Karlsruhe. Other, which we will remember today, occurred in the season 1997-1998 during his visit to Helmántico of Salamanca.

The set charro, sadly disappeared, was one of the teams fighting to avoid relegation. In fact, This match against Valencia He had become very important and the club had given over 10.000 tickets to fill the stands in search of a vital victory to escape dangerous positions. Before starting the game, local promotion in positions of descent while visitors were located in the eighth position in the table.

Salamanca 6 Valencia 0: El Helmántico lives an afternoon of glory

The meeting began with a real goal of Rogerio for UDS. From there, everything went downhill for local. Lanna, Pauleta twice, Silvani it is included Site, Salamanca-born player, They were the authors of the 6 Argentinian goalkeeper goals I Campagnuolo I had to pull out of his goal. goalkeeper, which debuted in the league that day, he only returned to play the following day in Mestalla (3-2 against Real Sociedad).

That Valencia was trained by Claudio Ranieri and he had players who later gave a great performance Mestalla as carbon, Claudio Lopez, Mendieta, Farinós, Angulo O Albelda. But nevertheless, that 12 April 1998 They were humiliated for Salamanca who managed to finish the permanence thanks, partly, to that great victory that will always be remembered among football fans salmantinos no longer be repeated because of the disappearance of the club.

Luckily today there is a new club that honors and keeps alive the memory of UDS and of which we have already spoken on occasion: the Unionists Salamanca.

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