Premiums third, as old as football

Premiums third, as old as football
The delegate of Elche tries to convince the goalkeeper of Real Oviedo is left to score a goal (Photo: perfect Arjones)

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From here we have always shown our love and passion for soccer retro, but nevertheless, there are things that are not pretty and are as old as football. We are referring to premiums to third parties, that existed many years ago.

When they reach the last league matches either First, Second or any other category, begin to emerge suspicions about certain games in which teams need a victory to meet its objectives against other face to, in theory, They have nothing at stake.

The story we tell you today is a clear example of what we're talking. We traveled to the last day of the season 1971-1972 in the Spanish Second Division. The Real Oviedo He had already ascended to the top flight and had two more posts by deciding which candidates were Elche CF, CD Castellón and Real Zaragoza.

Precisely the Spaniard traveled to ilicitano stadium set to take on franjiverde set. A local victory gave the rise to Elche and, as we say, the Real Oviedo absolutely not playing anything at all presaged that victory would be for the home team.

A day before Real Oviedo and the Real Zaragoza They had agreed a tie which served to ascend to the carbayones and kept alive for the last day to maños. Now, the Aragonese team had to win at home to Cádiz and wait a prick Elche.

Meanwhile, the CD Castellón rival was another team who was on holiday and, the RCD Mallorca. A victory gave him promotion to Albinegros what, like is logic, They did not fail and won by a score of 2-0.

Martínez Valero, President of Elche, was confident that his team achieve victory before a Real Oviedo I had already promoted a week before, but nevertheless, They came during the week rumors about a possible premium 1 million pesetas Real Zaragoza. The famous bonuses to third.

The party in Elche came to rest with 0-0 and with Lombardy, and goalkeeper ovetense Zamora that season, stopping absolutely everything. While, Zaragoza and Castellón clearly they imposed on rivals. It was then that, as it explained in this article of The country, the president decided to act ilicitano.

Apparently Elche CF He tried to persuade the players of Real Oviedo to dial let the locals in the second half but they refused. This was told years later the visitors' keeper himself:

“They offered half a million for letting us win. But we said no, and not because it was less. One thing is charging for winning and another losing”.

The second half began and the local goal did not arrive. Lombardy He was completing a spectacular performance and the absence of a few minutes to go was when the time came the meeting esperpéntico.

The delegate Elche, Vidal, He went to the goal defended by carbayón goal to try to convercerle: Lombardy, Let yourself scoring a goal that is fixed”. The ruse did not work and the final score was goalless draw. The franjiverdes remained without promotion and Castellón and Zaragoza They accompanied the Real Oviedo First Division. The premiums to third parties, as old as football.

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