The 12-1 Spain-Malta, ¿The prowess Tongo?

The 12-1 Spain-Malta, ¿The prowess Tongo?
Jose Antonio Camacho and John Holland, captains of Spain and Malta respectively, They greet before the historic game (Sports world)

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The Spain-Malta which took place on 21 from December to 1983 at Benito Villamarin Seville happened to the history of Spanish football.

That day the Spaniards played for classification European Championship 1984 to be held in France. But nevertheless, pupils led by Miguel Muñoz they had more complicated since the classification was played with Holland that led the group with two points ahead (at that time he amounted victory 2) and a goal difference of +11 (22 for and 6 against).

For that reason, Spain He should beat Malta by 11 goal difference if I wanted to qualify, something very complicated even considering the weakness of his opponent that night.

The historic alignment of Spain was formed by: Camacho, Maceda, Goikoetxea, Gordillo, Sir, Buyo (above) and Carrasco, Victor Muñoz, Santillana, Poli Rincón and Sarabia (down) (The Journal)

And if that was not enough, although the Spanish team took the lead early lead with a goal of Santillana to the 16 minutes, the visitors leveled with a goal from Demanuele which put the almost impossible things. The rest of the meeting was reached with 3-1 so they were necessary 8 more goals (assuming they do not fit any). Something that sounded nothing short of a utopia.

But nevertheless, A player pulled the car as none believed the feat: Poli Rincón. Driven more so by the fact of playing in 'their’ Benito Villamarin, striker scored 4 goals attached to 4 of Santillana, 2 of Maceda and the last scored by Sarabia Y Sir They completed the 12-1 definitive.


Like is logic, that result brought all kinds of speculation. Since Holland Tongo already talked about that as much as Malta off a selection of very little quality football it was not normal that fit such a thrashing. In fact, the Dutch had only beaten by 5 Maltese goals in the penultimate round.

But nevertheless, the most serious accusations came many years later by the players themselves that night defended the t-shirt Malta. These, They claimed that the Spanish players were doped and some of them even said that they had been drugged at halftime, something that affected them in their performance in the second half of the match.

Anyway, that game and the story of goals Jose Angel House, TVE commentator tonight, They passed into history as one of the most important matches of the Spanish selection.

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4 thoughts on “The 12-1 Spain-Malta, ¿The prowess Tongo?

  1. Last day 15 November 2019 Spain shoved 7 Malta goals gas medium and playing already qualified, I leave it there

  2. At that time teams like Malta were a pitiful level. Ireland had put them 8 a month before this match, Y 4 days before the Netherlands “solo” 5 because it did not seem to need much more. In the first leg had not played in Malta, it was a potato field and where all had a hard time (Spain had to overcome a 2-1 and he ended up winning only 2-3). Dutch paid to the Federation of Malta to play in Aachen, on the German border with Holland, and they put them easy 0-6 it was that both unbalanced goal difference with Spain in the final match.

    1. Well that's it, what is eaten for what is served. If there was tongo in him 12-1 of Seville is the just payment for the corruption of the Dutch of the going in Malta.

  3. Pero qué drogas ni drogas a los españoles xD. Vi el partido hace poco y los jugadores de Malta estaban en el campo por estar. No hacían nada prácticamente e incluso les regalaban muchos balones a España, tan claros, que parecía que los jugadores de Malta jugaban con España. Tongo podría ser en el caso de haber pagado a Malta para dejarse ganar por 11 goals or more. Eso sería mucho más creíble que decir que los españoles se doparon para jugar mejor xd, si no les hacía falta viendo comojugaba” Malta.

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