The day that Real Betis dressed in white during… four minutes!

The day that Real Betis dressed in white during… four minutes!
The Real Betis players jump to the field with a very unusual clothing (Manquepierda)

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It happened many years ago and had to be, How could it be otherwise, a combination of circumstances for it, but it occurred at the end and at Cape. Real Betis He had to play a game with white shirt, or rather four minutes, surely the longest in history for diabetics present in the stands in that game.

Why did Real Betis wear white??

Was the 20 of January of 1974 in a meeting for Week 20 Second Division that faced the Sant Andreu y al Real Betis in Catalonia. The travel agency responsible for sending the sports equipment of the Spanish team was wrong and sent verdiblancos luggage who were visiting players wear boots in addition to Martorell, a population.

After 45 minute wait, Tonight's meeting, Mr. Olasagasti Echániz, decided that the match should be played at the home side gave shirt, pants, stockings and boots rivals. Coincidences of life, The second kit of the Sant Andreu shirt was white, black pants and black stockings with red back. Very similar to Sevilla FC, eternal rival of the set bético.

The only consolation verdiblancos the many fans who gathered at the stadium is that this suffering lasted only 4 minutes as it was the time it took to get packages with clothes on Real Betis I quickly headed the tunnel and returned minutes later with its well recognizable colors.

The match ended with goalless draw. That season Real Betis He won promotion to the First Division as he finished as the category leader. But nevertheless, the story will always be remembered for this campaign 1973-1974 will be to have seen play béticos white, even for very short interval of time, something that has not happened again since then.

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