Paco Gento, man of 12 leagues and 6 European Cups

Paco Gento, man of 12 leagues and 6 European Cups
Francisco Gento with 6 European Cups (Photo: Boll Sports)

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When we talk about Paco Gento, We talk about a legend of football history. The former footballer cntabro, It has a tough record to beat by any other player since he was able to win 12 leagues and 6 European Cups in their 18 seasons as player Real Madrid. Awesome.

people It was signed by Santiago Bernabeu from the Racing de Santander in which he played just 10 games in the season 52-53. It is said that it was able to run 100 meters in just 11 seconds. But, eye, with the ball at his feet. His first season it took a while get hold of a place in the team but was gradually collecting titles. In fact, there is no other player in league history that has been able to win 12 league championships. The one who comes closest to him is another Real Madrid fan., Pirri with 10.

But if the 12 League titles is already an impressive figure, the 6 European Cups even more. We can say that Paco Gento It has more European Cups practically all clubs in the world. Only his own surpasses him Real Madrid and the AC Milan what's wrong with it 7. Five of them managed to pull the (between 1956 Y 1962), the sixth was obtained in 1966, being the 6 first achieved by the merengue club. Cups that were the only ones until the seventh arrived in 1998. further, also he raised the first Intercontinental Cup club and two Cups of Spain.

European champion Gento with Spain

But his career was not only successful with the white club. With the Spanish selection, I was not used to great success at that time, European champion also proclaimed 1964, defeating in the end to the Soviet Union 2-1.

Definitely, We are facing one of the best wingers in football history, the band whose races were all the rage in the stands and terror in opposing defenses. One of the most successful players of all time and legend that was part of one of the best teams in history as was that Real Madrid of the early 50 Y 60.



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