The most popular soccer bets in Spain

The most popular soccer bets in Spain

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Soccer is the sport with the highest bets in Spain, and the Spanish League, one of the most registered bets worldwide after the Premier League.

Most Popular Bet

The most common bet is who will win the game. You don't always bet on the favorite as they usually pay very little. In the seasons where the Barcelona or Real Madrid had total control, bettors used both teams to execute combination bets.

Combined or multiple bets, combine several bets from different games (they can be from different sports on different days) and if you hit all of them you win a very good payment. So it is not a bad idea to catch the 3 strongest teams in the world and place a combined bet with all.

More or Less Goals

The second most popular bet type is Over / Under 2.5 goals. It's easy to understand. Bets if less than 2 goals in the match or more than that. It is enough to know the historical average of goals of the teams that face each other to decide on which to bet. For this you can consult on sites as reliable as

The ideal to bet on more than 2 goals is choosing a very aggressive team that attacks with more than one scorer on a roll, against a mediocre team. Almost the bet is insured. A very aggressive and favorite team against an aggressive one in attack also presents an attractive scenario to bet on many goals..

Bet less than 2.5 goals when two ultra-defensive teams face off. But the bookmakers know these calculations better than you., and adjust the payment depending on how easy it is to get the result. So you will win, but not much.

To receive a good payout, you must bet against a team that is normally a top scorer but currently has problems with its scorers., or he has an upcoming international match and will surely play with the substitution to maintain a minimum result so as not to exhaust his players. For the bookmaker they will continue to be favorites and will pay a lot of money to bet against, bone less than 2.5 goals.

The other way to get profitability from this type of bets is to combine them with other.

What will be the result at rest

It is not as common as the previous ones, but it's a bet that pays better. Defining the half-time result is not that difficult when knowing the style and expectations of the coach who will manage the game. Many coaches are more aggressive in their training in the second half than the first. So few goals can be expected.

If the two teams are very defensive (this usually happens in the semifinals of tournaments), the most common is to bet on 0-0 at half time. A lot happens in the World Cup.

If you focus on tracking scorers, it will become easier to know what time they usually score.

Bet on the Final Result

It is one of the highest paying bets, since you are not only guessing who will win but the exact result. This is easier to do in international tournaments like the world.

When one of the teams is too superior, example of Brazil vs. New Zealand, Brazil can be expected to target 3 or more goals and New Zealand 0.

The most common result in soccer it is the victory at least, I mean 1 – 0. Then continue 2-1, 2-0, 1-1, and fifth 0-0. With this information it is easier to choose from multiple possibilities. You could just bet on 1-0, always to the favorite when the opponent is a little below and defensive, but not very weak.


Also known as Asian Handicap, is a type of bet where the favorite team is given a disadvantage in points, for example -5 points. In this example we are betting that a team like Barcelona will win the League by more than 5 points of difference versus the second.

Handicap is used a lot in American football in every game, but it is called "point spread".

Who Will Win Both Parts Of The Match

It is a very exotic bet. We are no longer betting on who will win the match, but which team will score more goals in the first half, and which in the second (as if they were different matches). You have to get both selections right. It is not so common in soccer, it is used more in basketball.

These are the most common bets among Spanish bettors in soccer. If you want to hunt better market shares with good forecasts, tennis and golf are excellent sports that tipsters tend to master very well. Exotic betting options increase and it is easier to predict results.

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