Sports betting houses and their love for Spanish football

Sports betting houses and their love for Spanish football
Learn about the history of Spanish football and sports betting, and how a bookmaker brought a Spanish tradition from darkness to light. PHOTO: Picture of <a href="">Jan-Niklas K枚</a> in <a href="">Pixabay</a>

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Since I know bets were legalized in Spain back in the year 1977, a world of possibilities came to light. And it is not that sports betting was something unprecedented at that time: for years and years, youth and adults colluded in clandestine meetings throughout Spain, putting money under the name of your favorite team or player, with a devotion that reached religious levels. But it was a love story that was just beginning.

The BBVA League: the favorite of the Spanish

Today, There is no doubt that the Liga BBVA betting market is the most important. Football is for many a religion: annually brings together millions of spectators in a stadium or in front of a television screen, has launched countless specialized content producers in the media and, therefore, is the preferred by the Spanish when it comes to betting. It is not surprising that the highest category in the market is that of Spanish football, to which the bookmakers dedicate their greatest efforts and generate the most profits.

In a Liga BBVA match we can easily find more of 30 different types of bets, as well as overcome 60 in certain meetings. Although there are many other sports that arouse great interest in the betting sector, such as tennis or motor sports, in soccer we can find options to bet as varied as how many corner kicks there will be, which player will score the first goal in the second half, who will win starting from an initial marker of such value, how many changes will occur, etc., and perhaps this is due to the deep relationship of this sport with a culture that as with bullfighting understands the meaning of leaving life on a court. As evidence, just ask a Spaniard on the street In what year did Spain win the World Cup?.

The offer since then is increasingly wide. Many are the companies that operate at present in the online betting sector in Spain. Being the first to legalize betting in 1960, most are British, como William Hill, which is one of the bookmakers with the longest history on the market, Bet365, 888sport, Betfair, Win or Golden Park, and today we can also find Spanish companies like Luckia or Sportium. The range of possibilities is so wide and the odds can be so different that, as a logical result, different specialized portals have appeared in the comparison of sports bets and, likewise, sites specialized in sports betting strategies as

sponsorship of football clubs

The relationship between the world of football and sports betting houses has always been very close. In Spain, a large part of the advertising budget of companies in this sector is used to sponsor football clubs to display your logo on the shirt. This was evidenced from the granting of the first online gaming licenses: as a result of this, the Community of Madrid was, in 2007, the forerunner in Spain in legalizing online betting and granting the first licenses, until the rest of the country followed suit.

From that year and, especially, after the Gambling Regulation Law approved by the Government in 2011, there have been many betting houses that have decided to sign agreements with the different teams in the Liga BBVA. Thanks to that, this old love story would finally be made official: this was the case for Bwin, the pioneer in Spanish football to become Real Madrid's shirt sponsor for six seasons. Since then, This milestone of sports marketing has been the rule around the world during each football season and there are more and more fervent fans who follow a very Spanish tradition when betting online..

The truth is that the world of betting and, especially, The fervor for Spanish football is a bet that is guaranteed to pay off, and it is predicted that this trend will continue to grow in the following years.


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