The last remnants of football that left

The last remnants of football that left

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There is a football that will not return. The one who stayed away from the extravagances of today's stars, social media and astronomical salaries. But nevertheless, there is still a small trace of that, leagues that are much further from the spotlight and that resist based on passion and twinning with hobbies. second B, Third and the regional categories continue to be the ideal nest for the latest soccer romantics, those who prefer to kick a ball on fields full of mud just for the illusion of belonging to a team.

In someway, many of the teams in these competitions follow professional structures, but they seek a much closer relationship with their cities and their hobbies. Their interest remains and even the websites of sports bets they follow this modest football very closely, aware of the enormous pull it has between fans.

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Any similarity between the Second B or Third Division players with the stars we see in LaLiga are mere coincidence. As we downgrade, salaries are disappearing and most of them play "for the love of art". That has always been the essence of the beautiful game, as much as it now seems impossible to believe.

Equal parts excitement and interest

The lower level of the teams in these leagues with respect to the First or Second division does not take away a single ounce of emotion. His followers are as loyal or more than those of the "great" and, in many cases, they follow their clubs wherever they go and fill their modest stadiums. The identification of the fans with their players is total and it is not strange that they know each other and have personal contact with each other, something unthinkable in elite football in which many seem to be locked in their ivory towers.

With the boom of the online world, information on these categories has multiplied. Of course, the most popular communication media continue to reserve a space for them on their websites, but there are already blogs and other sites online where you can get the best and most up-to-date information.


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One of the criticisms of modern football is that economic differences have been transferred to the field. With that, every day it is more difficult for the little ones to assault the reign of the greats, something that disappears in these categories. Anyone can beat anyone and that raises the excitement of the competitions and keeps the battle for all objectives open. And if that was not enough, tournaments such as the Copa del Rey have already made it clear that the teams in these categories have a footballing level to knock down others much more illustrious.

The football that nostalgic people remember may not return, but there are still these "Gallic villages" that resist to the joy of the most purist fans. The most playful football, the most true and most attached to the people continues to beat away from the mainstream media.

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