The best and greatest classics of world football

The best and greatest classics of world football
Mythical photo of Maradona and Passarella before an Argentine Superclásico between Boca and River (Game Reading)

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'The classic’ It is a term that has been used for quite some time to refer to those big parties each league. Today we will review some of the best and greatest classical of the world of football, both Europe like America.

EUROPEANS classics

Real Madrid – Barcelona (Spain)

It is one of the most important matches of the world. Real Madrid Y Barcelona They are the two clubs with more titles both nationally and internationally of Spanish league. Their rivalry goes beyond the purely footballing and, definitely, when both face virtually paralyzed the country.

The classic
Zamorano and Koeman in a classic between Real Madrid and Barcelona (FotMob)

Inter – Juventus (Italy)

popularly known as the ‘Derby d´Italia’. The Inter-Juve They are more than just a football game. This is the two teams with the most titles in the country and whose rivalry began many decades ago. Another very important match is the 'Derby della Madonnina’ which pits two teams of Milan (Inter and AC Milan).

Olympique Marseille – PSG (France)

'The classic’ is another of the great classics of European football. Marseille and Paris are the two largest cities in France. IF Y PSG and most successful teams, also, the only French clubs who have achieved European titles. OM got European Cup 1992 while PSG won the Recopa in 1996. Other major parties in France are those who dispute these teams against Saint Etienne and Olympique de Lyon.

Manchester United – Liverpool (England)

Far from what many may think, the United-Liverpool It is the great duel of English football. This clash is well above both derbies themselves competing against Manchester City Y Everton respectively. Not in vain, Manchester and Liverpool are two nearby cities vying for more things, not only by the footballing theme. further, are the two most successful teams in England both as to refer league titles as Champions.

Classic football
Manchester United and Liverpool play the great classic of English football (Liverpool FC)

Celtic – Rangers (Scotland)

He is known as Old Firm It is more than a classic. The duel between Celtic Y Rangers It is one of the hottest and, even, dangerous in Europe. Besides being the two best teams in the country, share city (Glasgow) and both clubs are very different. Celtic are those of the Catholics, those of the Protestant Rangers. The former are of humble origin and immigrants in large part (especially Ireland), opposite the latter, more classist and Unionists, Supporters of the British Empire.

Bayern Munich – Borussia Dortmund (Germany)

known as 'The classic’. In the 70 the Bayern rivaled the Borussia Monchengladbach. In the 80 with Hamburg. But nevertheless, since the years 90 onwards, the great German classical has been among the first and Borussia Dortmund. Both have fought for the Bundesliga (but with light colored Bayern) and even they have met in the final of Champions League also fell on his side. Dortmund was able to lift a European Cup season 1996-1997 to the defeat Juventus in the final.

Superclassic Argentina and Uruguay

America is not far behind as regards classics. In fact, in the Americas we must emphasize two above all, whose name makes it clear that are more than a classic.

Boca Juniors – River Plate (Argentina)

For many, the classic of classics. According to the British publication ‘The Observer’ one of the sporting events that one must witness before dying. Rivalry Boca Y River It goes far beyond mere sport and mourning both The Bombonera like in Monumental They are the event of the year for both clubs.

National – Peñarol (Uruguay)

he does not walk behind the superclásico of Uruguay. National Y Peñarol They are the biggest clubs in the country. Both share city, Montevideo, and almost all are distributed national championships. further, They are two of the most successful teams of America internationally. And if that was not enough, It is the oldest match outside the British Isles. They have seen the faces in more than 540 matches the balance being very even but for Peñarol.


Of course, the list of classics and rivalries may continue to be eternal. We do not want to forget the Flamengo-Corinthians in Brazil, the Ajax Feyernoord in the Netherlands, the Porto-Benfica in Portugal, the Panathinaikos-Olympiacos in Greece, Galatasaray-Fenerbahce in Turkey or Red Star Belgrade-Partizan in Serbia, to name a few.

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