When Valencia CF and Levante UD quarreled 'because’ Michel Platini

When Valencia CF and Levante UD quarreled 'because’ Michel Platini
Platini, In the center of the image, during his time in the French Nancy (Pinterest)

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Today we will talk about a curious story that happened at the end of the decade of the 70. The protagonist of the same, Michel Platini, one of the best players in football history which at that time it was beginning to stand out in the Nancy French and Les Bleus.

Specifically we traveled to 1977 when Platini he had become leader of the modest Nancy French league. At the time the player was already a fixture in the national team and was called to be a benchmark for European football soon. It was at that time when the Valencia CF, which he had two large front and Mario Kempes and Lobo Diarte, He wanted to strengthen the team with a playmaker like French luxury to take a leap of quality in the final template.

He traveled to France Pasieguito, Valencia technical secretary, to try to gain the services of promising young one that was beginning to become a reality. It was summer and Platini He was playing a series of friendlies for his country in a South American tour. The idea of ​​the Valencia It was to sign a friendly against French side in Mestalla and sealing the agreement definitively.

The uprising “file” and Platini

It was then that, To everyone's surprise, the Levante He appeared in the equation. Granota went ahead to the Valencia and got the Nancy It was one of those invited to the Valencia Coast tournament next to Club Nacional de Montevideo and self Levante, which at that time it was Second Division B team, the New Stadium (Today City of Valencia). And if that was not enough, Barca imposed a clause in the contract which Platini had to play that game and should be the only one disputed that summer in Spain.

Costa de Valencia
Poster of the tournament Costa de Valencia who played Levante, National and Nancy Platini at the Nou Estadi (HOME)

The news, like is logic, He not sits well in the womb and valencianista the relationship with the neighbor did not pass through its best. The Valencia He tried to buy the rights of the party to be held in Mestalla but did not give Levante.

Finally Michel Platini He played in the tournament Levante Stadium and as he came he left. The Valencia He tried again undertake the signing of the skilful French footballer months later but his contribution had grown after having proclaimed Cup champion in his country and was finally Juventus which he managed to take over its services. Who knows what he would have been able equipment Mestalla if he had brought together Platini Y Kempes in their ranks.

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