Who was El Trinche Carlovich? Legend and myth of Argentine soccer

Who was El Trinche Carlovich? Legend and myth of Argentine soccer
Carlovich painting on the facade of the Central Córdoba stadium (Informe Robinson)

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The Trinche Carlovich we left the 8 May 2020. Her figure was always wrapped in a special mystique. Many have cataloged it as the best unknown soccer player in the world.

born on 19 April 1946 in Rosario, El Trinche was one of the seven children of Mario and Elvira. His parents, Croatian immigrants, they traveled to Argentina in search of a better future. Thus, Carlovich grew up with a ball on his feet.

Although he played in the lower categories of Rosario Central and arrived, even, to debut with the first team, the truth is that it did not settle. Miguel Ignomiriello, Rosario coach at the time, ended up discarding it, apparently, for its little involvement and its indolent character.

In this way he ended up finally signing for the Central Córdoba, a most humble team in the city of Rosario, who lives in the shadow of the two great clubs in the city: Rosario Central Y Newell´s Old Boys.

That's where the legend of Carlovich began to grow large and eternal. People are said to have come to the stadium just to see him play. There are many figures in Argentine soccer who speak wonders of what he was capable of doing on a pitch. Jose Pekerman, César Luis Menotti, Carlos Griguol, Carlos Aimar… they were praising the game of the protagonist of this story.

The vast majority of them, they even said that Carlovich had everything that the greats of football have had, but that his inconsistency prevented him from filling the highest. Menotti went on to say: “He loved to play soccer but did not like to be a professional”.

In the program Informe Robinson dedicated to Trinche Carlovich, the player himself talks about his time as a player telling incredible anecdotes. In a match, the referee sent him off after a fight with an opponent. When I was leaving the field of play, the swollen rival began to protest because they wanted to see him play, thus, the referee changed his decision and allowed him to return.

The Carlovich Trinche
Trinche Carlovich in his stage as a footballer.

It has also been said that on one occasion, Carlovich he had the ball in his possession almost 10 minutes without anyone taking it away, logically, since there are practically no graphic documents of their parties, all these stories are impossible to prove.

Carlovich's great match against Argentina

In 1974 the great moment in the career of Carlovich. The absolute selection of Argentina was preparing a preparatory tour prior to the World Cup in Germany. Thus, A friendly between a selection of Rosario footballers against the albiceleste was organized. The Rosario team was made up of 5 Rosario Central footballers, 5 Newell’s and, as a guest star, The Trinche.

That was the great game of his life. The dance he received is still remembered today Argentina that he ended up losing for 3-1. Some players who played in that match claim they had to tell Rosario's team to loosen up a bit to avoid further humiliation.. Above all, a soccer player stood out, the number 5 who directed the Rosario team as a conductor. After that match and seeing Argentina's performance in the World 1974, many thought that it would have been better to go with that team that humiliated them a few months earlier with Carlovich like big star.

Ubaldo Fillol, goalkeeper of the Argentine team, He even declared: “… we faced in Rosario a Combined rosarinos players where Carlovich stood out. What a dance they gave us that night, and how did that boy play! A talent that today would be comparable to Redondo or Cambiasso, or perhaps before the Sheep Telch. He possessed the magic that distinguishes these three players”.

Years later, César Luis Menotti, who was always a big fan of Carlovich and he was very attentive to his career, He even pre-selected him for a match with the Argentina team. It was unusual for a footballer who did not play in First to be selected. But nevertheless, the footballer did not attend the appointment, apparently, I was fishing.

In 1986, after a career developed mainly in lower categories of Argentine football, The Trinche Carlovich hung the boots. A few years later, specifically in 1993, Diego Armando Maradona signed for Newell´s. Upon arrival, declared: “I thought I was the best, but since I got to Rosario I heard wonders from a certain Carlovich, so i don't know anymore…”.

We will never know where it could have gone Carlovich with sacrifice, perseverance and professionalism. What is clear is that, those who saw him play, they speak wonders and make him one of the great legends of Argentine football. For sample, we have collected more statements that corroborate it:

“Carlovich was one of those neighborhood kids who, Since they are born, he has the ball as his only toy. It was impressive to see him”. César Luis Menotti.

“It's a gamer phenomenon, but he doesn't like sacrifice, that's why it didn't succeed. He played with me in Central and preferred to go hunting or fishing. What a pity!. It had unique technical conditions. By marking it, the guy disappeared anywhere and with him the ball disappeared”. Carlos Timoteo Griguol.

“Here in Rosario a lot of things have been invented about me. But they are not true… Rosario people like to tell stories. Some spout back and forth I will have made, But it's not a big deal.” The Carlovich Trinche.

“I always played the same, with the same desire. Maybe go to France or the Cosmos, possibilities that I had at the time, it would have changed my life. For me, Playing at Central Córdoba was like playing at Real Madrid.” The Carlovich Trinche.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = btH5Epgvi44

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